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Mayor Garcetti Highlights LADWP’S New 15% Energy Efficiency Goal, Which Leads Nation

EfficiencyMayor Eric Garcetti today highlighted the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s energy efficiency goal of 15% by year 2020—the highest and most ambitious energy efficiency goal by a major municipal utility in the United States. The new goal, adopted by Garcetti’s appointees to the Board of Water and Power in August 2014, exceeds the 10-year, 10 percent energy efficiency requirements set by AB 2021, and will create jobs while promoting energy savings for customers.

"Just as water conservation is how we will get through our drought and control our water costs, energy conservation is how we will address climate change and keep our power bills low,"Mayor Garcetti said. "Reforming the DWP and reducing utility costs are key components of my back to basics agenda, and investing in efficiency is three to four times cheaper than building new power plants and cleans the air. The cheapest and cleanest way to ensure we have enough electricity to keep the lights on and power our economy is through energy efficiency." 

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Mayor Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti is the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. His "back to basics" agenda is focused on job creation and solving everyday problems for L.A. residents.


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