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Mayor Garcetti Signs Executive Order To Launch Clean Streets Initiative


Adds 5,000 trash cans, new Clean Street Strike Team, and creates block by block cleanliness rating system

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed an executive directive launching his Clean Streets initiative to put 5,000 more trashcans on L.A.’s streets, create a block-by-block cleanliness rating system, and deploy a new Clean Street Strike Team to target hot spots.

“Everyone who lives here, works here and visits here should be able to walk streets free of litter and debris,” said Mayor Garcetti. “When a child dodges abandoned couches on the way to school, imagine the limits that are placed on her aspirations. This initiative is about cleaning up our streets and keeping them clean. The cleanliness of our streets, sidewalks, alleys and public spaces are essential to our quality of life, our economy and our health, and that’s why we are making it a top priority.”

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Mayor Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti is the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. His "back to basics" agenda is focused on job creation and solving everyday problems for L.A. residents.


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