Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Your City Hall

As Mayor, I want to make sure the priority at City Hall is to solve your problems.

That’s why on Day One of my administration I held open office hours to meet face-to-face with the people we serve. That’s why I’ve asked every department head to reapply for their job so that our city departments are focused on problem solving, too. We’ve opened a Mayor’s Help Desk. It wasn’t until this week that there was a place where residents could go for basic help.

I want to bring government to you. I will keep holding those Office Hours; I will walk door-to-door; I will use Twitter and online tools to stay in touch; and, I will continue with Government 101 classes to give you the tools to make change in your City Hall.

I want you involved with your City Hall. I want you to get the services you pay for and hold us accountable. When you are informed, it makes government work harder and work better.

That’s what this administration is about.