You're the L.A. River's Best Hope

You told me that our first photo to welcome travelers to LAX should include the L.A. River, so that's just what we did. Now, I need your help to assure that the L.A. River restoration is worthy of us and our city.

Please tell the US Army Corps of Engineers to go big on the river.

Restore our RiverThe river gave this city life. It sustained the first settlers and allowed our city to grow by irrigating crops from the San Fernando Valley through the Los Angeles Basin.

For decades, the river has been entombed in concrete. Recent pilot projects have shown just how transformative restoring the river would be, creating miles of open space for nature and recreation. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering four plans to rehabilitate the river -- only one of which does the job right.

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to choose the right plan. Sign the petition.

That plan -- known as Alternative 20 -- uniquely rejoins the river with the communities and environment to which it gave birth. Water is the biggest issue in our future and Alternative 20 is the only option that integrates the river into our city's green space and provides vital support to endangered species and struggling ecosystems.

What's more, Alternative 20 will provide four times the number of jobs as the other options and help redress some of the environmental and social injustices that have resulted from the paving of the river.

Join me in calling on the Army Corps to implement Alternative 20. Sign the petition.

Thank you for all you do.