Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

You asked for this

You elected me Mayor to reform DWP, and just six weeks after taking office, your vote is making a difference. Right now, there is a new DWP contract proposal on the table and I want to make sure it delivers real reform to save money for you.

Will you help me reform DWP?

Here are my goals for DWP:

  • No more secret deals on perks and work rules
  • Ongoing reform beyond this contract
  • Hold the line on raises
  • Achieve pension savings
  • Lower healthcare costs

Our election victory has delivered a DWP contract proposal with significant savings. But it must address DWP's costly and secret work rules, which are at the heart of fixing the department, and it must allow DWP reform to continue on an ongoing basis.

Join me to reform DWP so it's the best public utility in America.

The right contract is in the best interests of both ratepayers and DWP employees. Together, we can build the city of our dreams and that starts by taking care of the basics, especially our DWP.

Thanks for all you do.

Eric Garcetti