Tipoff: Show and Tell Time at City Hall

Published by Daily News

Written by Rick Orlov

It was show-and-tell time for Police Chief Charlie Beck last week as Mayor Eric Garcetti, with about two dozen city department heads in tow, showed up for a briefing on how the Compstat program works and see if it can be adapted to other city services.

Compstat is the highly regarded program put in place by former Chief Bill Bratton as a way to track where all manner of crime is occurring throughout the city and allow the LAPD to target a response to particular problems.

Garcetti, who has asked all department heads to reapply for their jobs, wanted the officials to see Compstat in action so he had them watch Beck and his command staff go over the numbers for the previous period.

The idea was developed by Deputy Mayor Rick Cole to get departments thinking about new ways of analyzing how the departments are run and to improve the performance of the agencies.

The Los Angeles Fire Department is in the process of developing its own variation of Compstat — Firestat — to try and improve its response times.