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Stop the Attack on Families

The Trump Administration is launching another cruel assault on our families.

The proposed “public charge” rule is the latest effort by the White House to strip people of their basic economic rights. It delivers a plainly un-American message: if you’re struggling to get by, you are not welcome in the United States.

The White House has one goal — designing an immigration system that penalizes families and punishes American children.

Parents will be forced to risk their kids’ health, safety, and economic security just to stay in the U.S. And millions may have to go without basic necessities — health care, housing, access to food — if they want to remain together.

This policy is not about security.

It targets legal immigrants who work and live here — who strengthen our economy, pay taxes and play by the rules.

What is “Public Charge”?

Under the proposed policy, anyone applying for Legal Permanent Residence or a visa — whether trying to enter the U.S. or those already living here — could be rejected if their family uses nearly any public benefit. That includes essential services like health care, housing assistance, food aid, and major tax credits created to strengthen middle-income families and children.

Read my letter

I sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, explaining how this change would upend the lives of 1.5 million immigrants in our city, how it would hit L.A.’s economy hardest of all, how it would force families to go without basic necessities just to stay in this country, how it would punish American-born children and penalize immigrants who are here legally and simply want what we all do: a safe place to find a job, make a living, and raise a family.

How will the new rules affect local families?

L.A. families, communities, and our economy may be hit hardest of all. Immigrant children and parents unable to see doctors, keep a roof over their heads, or eat regularly will inevitably have an impact on us all:

  • In L.A. county, just over 1 million immigrant Angelenos currently receive TANF, MediCal, SNAP, and Section 8 benefits;
  • The estimated annual cost to our local economy if 25% of immigrant households in LA County forgo benefits would be $54,020,736 for SNAP (CalFresh) and $8,458,560 TANF (CalWORKs);
  • 8,050 immigrants receive Section 8 benefits in the City of Los Angeles;
  • According to the Center for American Progress, if every single American were to examine their financial eligibility according to this new rule, 100 million Americans — one third of the population — would fail.

What can you do to help?

If you’re interested to learn how you can share your feedback about this rule’s impact on your community with the federal government, click here.

Public Charge Portal Guidelines

The Federal Register public comment period for the proposed public charge rule change allows individuals the opportunity to share their comments, experiences and stories with the Department of Homeland Security so that they may gather a full scope of the rule’s impact in our communities. Make your voice heard by submitting a comment today!

When posting a public comment, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Include specific details and anecdotes (there is no minimum or maximum length)
  • Be concise but support your claims with scientific evidence or sound reasoning where possible
  • Identify how the rule change would personally impact you, your family or your community
  • Note: comments cannot be edited or removed after submission