Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Strategic Initiatives



1. Housing - House those who are currently homeless with existing resources while advocating for more units of permanent supportive housing.

Proposition HHH is a $1.2 billion bond measure estimated to build 10,000 units of permanent supportive housing

2. Prevention - Prevent recently housed and economically vulnerable households from becoming homeless.

An estimated 22% of homeless individuals in the CoC became homeless for the first time during in the past year. The number of people falling into homelessness are related to needed reforms in our affordable housing strategy, workforce development, criminal justice reform, and foster care systems in partnership with the County. Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity will be taking the lead through our policy shops with MOBI to work with County and state partners to do a deeper dive into trends causing the mass amount of inflow and advocate for true solutions.

3. Street Engagement - Address the health and safety needs of unsheltered residents and their communities.

City Ordinance 56.11

“The City enacts this section to balance the needs of the residents and public at large to access clean and sanitary public areas consistent with the intended uses for the public areas with the needs of the individuals, who have no other alternatives for the storage of personal property, to retain access to a limited amount of personal property in public areas. On the one hand, the unauthorized use of public areas for the storage of unlimited amounts of personal property interferes with the rights of other members of the public to use public areas for their intended purposes and can create a public health or safety hazard that adversely affects those who use public areas. On the other hand, the City’s large and vulnerable homeless population needs access to a manageable amount of essential property for their personal use and well-being. This section attempts to balance the needs of all of the City’s residents.”


City Ordinance 85.02

City Ordinance 85.02 states that living in a vehicle (vehicle dwelling) is prohibited at all times within one block (500 feet) of licensed schools, preschools, daycare facilities, or parks.



Women and Homelessness

Citing the significant increase in homeless women across Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Commission called for an ad hoc committee devoted to addressing the issue. As Chair of the joint City-County Commission, Wendy Greuel was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and leads this committee.

“The recent report by the Downtown Women’s Action Coalition highlights the shocking rise in the number of women on our streets,” said Greuel, “single mothers with children, older women with severe health problems. Their stories are heartbreaking.”

The committee was created in response to the significant increase in homeless women across Los Angeles County. The purpose of the ad hoc committee is to provide focuses attention on the issue of women’s homelessness, identify opportunities to reduce the prevalence of homelessness among women, and develop recommendations on how to meet the challenges of serving this vulnerable population.

Youth and Homelessness

The 100-Day Challenge in 2016 placed 257 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 in Los Angeles County in safe and stable housing, well above the projected goal of 100. A total of 206 of the young people were placed in permanent housing, while the remaining 51 were placed in transitional housing and on their way to securing permanent housing.