STATEMENT: Mayor Garcetti on the Trump Administration's latest assault on families

“Another day has brought another Trump Administration assault on working families. The proposed ‘public charge’ rule is nothing less than a public disgrace – and a direct attack on the health, housing, and economic security of American children. Our federal government should not be in the business of penalizing low-income parents, punishing kids, or targeting immigrants who work hard, strengthen our economy, pay taxes, and play by the rules.

“Los Angeles communities stand to be hit the hardest by this change. Hundreds of thousands of our neighbors may be unable to see their doctors, keep a roof over their heads, or afford a trip to the grocery store, if they wish to remain in the United States. That is simply wrong and un-American, and leaders in this City and across our country will fight tooth and nail to keep this anti-family policy off the books.” — Mayor Eric Garcetti