Posted on 06/18/2019

“The White House’s threats of mass raids and roundups are inhumane, disgraceful, and dangerous — recalling dark moments in history that have led to unthinkable suffering and unimaginable loss. They are a feeble attempt to mask this administration’s failure on immigration.

We won’t stand for it in Los Angeles, and will take every step possible to protect Angelenos from harm and the tragedy of family separation.

Mr. President, the families you threaten are not ‘illegal’ — they're our mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors, colleagues and confidants. They’re us. And when you sow chaos and stoke fear by putting a target on their backs, you attack every American who draws strength from our common humanity. Comprehensive, compassionate, and common-sense immigration reform, and investments in preventing the root causes of immigration, are the only paths to securing our borders, strengthening our economy, and upholding our values. Anything less is not just an abdication of leadership; it’s an abandonment of the moral foundation required for the rule of law to endure, and our democracy to survive.” — Mayor Eric Garcetti