STATEMENT: Mayor Garcetti on National Gun Violence Awareness Day

“Gun violence has taken too many lives and shattered too many dreams. National Gun Violence Awareness Day brings Americans together to say, ‘Enough’ — we won’t let another child die, another family be devastated, another neighborhood be terrorized.”  — Mayor Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles City Hall will be lit orange tonight at approximately 8 p.m. in observance of National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Reducing gun violence is one of Mayor Garcetti’s top priorities, and he has set a goal to get at least 20,000 guns off the streets of L.A. over the next five years. The Mayor has signed laws that ban large capacity ammunition magazines, and require that guns be stored and locked while at home and not in use.

Mayor Garcetti is committing additional resources to the people and communities most affected by gun violence — including the LAPD’s newly-created Crime Gun Intelligence Center, which coordinates local and federal resources to fight gun crime and uses data-driven strategies, forensic expertise, and prosecutorial resources to drive down gun violence and combat illegal gun trafficking and dealing.  

The Mayor has put additional funding into the gun buyback program sponsored by his Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development, and partnered with the non-profit organization Gun by Gun on an initiative that allows Angelenos to financially support efforts to get guns out of their own communities.