Posted on 01/11/2019

"I am encouraged that this week the hard work of negotiating a fair contract for our teachers and improving LAUSD schools began in earnest, with face-to-face negotiations and movement to help reduce our class sizes, hire badly-needed support staff, and pay teachers a fair wage.

"I am disappointed that today's discussions have ended and I strongly urge both parties to consider returning to the negotiating table for talks over the weekend for the sake of our children, our teachers, and our schools. 

"I remain steadfast in my belief that there is common ground between both sides and that this common ground will be critical to a final agreement. But if the decision to strike is final, the City of Los Angeles has worked diligently over the last few weeks to support families and children whose lives revolve around the school day. 

"To that end, we have allocated staff and resources to our City recreation centers, libraries, and Family Source Centers, to support families with additional options. We will also be deploying LAPD resources to help safeguard our city's children during a strike by providing officers at our City facilities and at LAUSD schools. For more information about those resources, please visit

"I agree with our city's teachers that we need smaller classes, more support staff, and community schools and hope that the union and the district can resolve any outstanding issues immediately so that Los Angeles families can have the security of knowing that their children are safe and are attending great schools." — Mayor Eric Garcetti