STATEMENT: Mayor Garcetti on the City of Los Angeles’ $2 Million Share of the L.A. Justice Fund

“Immigrants do not stand alone in Los Angeles, and this City is bound to the American values of equal justice and due process. Today’s City Council vote makes possible the allocation of our $2 million share of the L.A. Justice Fund, an extraordinary public-private partnership. But the L.A. Justice Fund is about more than dollars — it means that more Angelenos will have legal protection, more families will stay whole, and more people will be able to build lives with the people they love, in the country they chose.” — Mayor Eric Garcetti

Members of the City Council also shared statements of support for the L.A. Justice Fund:

“I’d like to thank my colleagues for approving the L.A. Justice Fund and for making it a priority in our budget. The fund falls in line with the Mayor’s efforts to defend Los Angeles and the council’s commitment to defend all its residents, regardless of immigration status. At the core of our democratic system is the belief that every person has the right to due process. The L.A. Justice Fund expands that right to more Angelenos, increasing their odds of prevailing in removal proceedings.” — Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Immigrant Affairs and Civil Rights

“Our commitment will help protect vulnerable members of our community who currently live in fear of deportation and uncertainty about their future. We're taking the necessary steps to ensure that the fund upholds the guidelines we've set forward and rightfully provides the vital aid and representation our immigrant communities need in order to keep families together.” — Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee

“In a nation founded by immigrants, we are a city of immigrants. The City of Los Angeles’ diversity defines us as Angelenos — it is, more than anything else, the heart and soul of what makes our City so unique. As we celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month, we are also assisting the immigrants among us to defend themselves against a federal government that seems focused on divisive rhetoric instead of inclusive dialogue and dividing families instead of bringing them and America together. We hope for a better day. We will work for a better day. In the meantime, we will do all we can to protect the most vulnerable among us.” — Councilmember José Huizar.

The L.A. Justice Fund, led by Mayor Garcetti, is a $10 million public-private partnership to assist immigrants who are facing deportation proceedings without legal counsel. The City of Los Angeles’ $2 million share of the fund, which the Mayor first announced in December 2016, received final City Council approval today. Other partners include the County of Los Angeles, the California Community Foundation, and the Weingart Foundation. The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs has issued a Community Resource Guide for Immigrant Angelenos that includes comprehensive know-your-rights information and resources, including contact information for legal service providers and community organizations. The guide can be downloaded in English and Spanish at

In March, Mayor Garcetti signed the twentieth executive directive of his administration, “Standing with Immigrants: A City of Safety, Refuge, and Opportunity for All.” It ensures that L.A.’s public servants stay focused on protecting people, serving communities, and saving lives — not inquiring about immigration status or engaging in federal civil immigration enforcement. The directive expands longstanding LAPD policies on immigration enforcement to Airport police, Port police and firefighters — and prohibits all city employees from using public facilities or resources to assist or cooperate with federal civil immigration enforcement. It also requires that every city facility and service be made available to all Angelenos without regard to citizenship or immigration status, and orders protections on the confidentiality of information submitted by residents who enroll in city programs and services, unless required by law.