A New Era for DWP

I just left DWP headquarters where I announced my nomination of Marcie Edwards as the new General Manager.

Welcome Marcie EdwardsMarcie began her career at DWP at age 19 as a clerk typist. Today, she will make history as the first woman to lead the largest public utility in the nation. She shares my belief that LA's ratepayers should be treated like shareholders in a great company. She has the toughness and expertise necessary to take on the status quo and deliver real, lasting change for DWP’s customers.

Welcome Marcie and this new era for DWP by adding your name to our Fix DWP petition.

By adding your name to our petition, you make it clear that you want DWP to be the best public utility in the nation. Marcie and I are counting on you and your support as we bring reform to this critical institution.

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