Meet Patricia Alarcón, Your East Area Representative

Patricia_Alarcon_Photo.jpgBefore joining the Mayor's Office, Patricia was a nonprofit community outreach consultant. For the past 8 years, she was a community advocate in Council Districts 1 and 14. She also has served as a member of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council in El Sereno. She has worked with the Office of USC Local Government Relations and the USC Specific Plan team. Patricia continues to volunteer to make a positive impact on the economic, cultural, artistic, and educational development of Los Angeles.

Read on to learn about Patricia. You can submit a question about the East Area here.

1) What's your favorite spot in L.A.?

I am very passionate about El Pueblo Historical Monument a.k.a. Olvera Street or Placita Olvera. As a child, Olvera Street was a place I would always look forward to visiting with my family. When I visit now and see children enjoying the churros and cultural enrichment this space as to offer, I remember just how much I love it here!

2) What is your priority for East L.A. My priority is to represent the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles and be of service to others to the best of my ability. I intend to continue the proactive, grassroots approach to maintaining dialogue within communities that I have pursued my entire career.

3) What's one fun fact that you would like your constituents to know about you?

I enjoy experimenting to create different types of salsas for main dishes. My family and I have become professional salsa taste testers. It can be quite an experience for them -- especially when I use Habanero Chiles!