The Mayor’s Office of City Services (MOCS) works to provide a more livable and sustainable city that improves the quality of life for all Angelenos. Among its wide variety of responsibilities, the team is accountable for the core functions of any city government: reinforcing and reimagining our roads, bridges, bus lines, public transit network, and water infrastructure; ensuring L.A.’s streets are safe and navigable; ensuring the lights stay on, trash is picked up on time, and technology is deployed to improve local mobility options.

On top of these services, MOCS oversees departments that celebrate our City’s history, arts, and culture, provide places to gather and play, take care of our domestic animals, protect and conserve wildlife, help us age with purpose, overcome disability, and access new worlds through reading. We also lead the Mayor’s offices focused on defending the rights of immigrants, revitalizing the L.A. River, and strengthening the broad scope of our public works programs.