Mayor Garcetti Urges L.A. Businesses to take advantage of program that is crediting Anheuser-Busch $2.3 million

Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that Anheuser-Busch earned a $2.3 million credit through a new city program that incentivizes industrial customers to reduce their waste water output, and he called on other L.A. businesses to participate.

“I want to bring L.A. back to basics, and it simply doesn’t make sense for the city to charge businesses for more than they use,” said Mayor Garcetti. “We are crediting Anheuser-Busch $2.3 million for reducing their wastewater output, which conserves water, helps our environment, and reduces the burden on our city’s infrastructure.”

“Developing programs like these is part of the Bureau of Sanitation's creative approach to customer service. We continuously seek sustainable measures that also meet the needs of the public,” said Board of Public Works Commissioner Monica Rodriguez.

When industrial customers connect to the city sewer system, they pay fees based on a projected amount of wastewater they will discharge into the system. Previously, if customers discharged less, their fees would not be affected. With this new program, if that amount is less than projected, the customer may receive a credit that can be applied to future bills.

Anheuser-Busch has received a credit of $2,307,873.75 from the city and is the only business to participate in the program. More than 200 L.A. industries are eligible for the program. These constitute the largest industrial users in LA., and industrial users account for about 15% of the city’s wastewater flow.

Anheuser-Busch’s Los Angeles Brewery was opened May 3, 1954. It covers 95 acres, produces 26 brands of beer, and ships approximately 275 trucks daily to California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and approximately 40 export markets. From 2008 – 2013, the L.A. Brewery has reduced water usage by 23% and Sewer Loading by 26%.

“We are excited to participate with the city in this unique and innovative program that benefits the entire community, the environment, and responsible corporate citizenship,” said Luis Cayo, senior general manager of the Anheuser-Busch Los Angeles brewery. “Due to our ongoing conservation efforts, we had nearly double the capacity reserved in the city’s treatment system, and are pleased to return this asset back to the city for other users.”

Mayor Garcetti encouraged other Los Angeles companies to apply for the credit by contacting the Bureau of Sanitation at 1-800-773-CITY(2489).