Mayor Garcetti, Chief Beck Announce 817 Guns Taken off the Street at Citywide Gun Buyback

Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced today that 817 firearms were taken off the street during the city's Gun Buyback December 14th.

In total, 387 handguns, 268 rifles, 131 shotguns, and 31 assault weapons were collected at three locations citywide--in Central L.A., Wilmington, and Van Nuys.

"The Buybacks are about taking guns off the street where they could fall into the hands of criminals or our children," Mayor Garcetti said.

An initiative of the Mayor's Gang Reduction and Youth Development Office, the Gun Buyback program -- which has taken almost 12,000 guns off the street since its inception in 2009 -- also involves LAPD and victim advocacy organizations, faith-based groups, and other community organizations.

In exchange for surrendering weapons, participants in the Gun Buyback receive a Ralphs pre-paid card. The amount per firearm is dependent on its type, up to $200 for assault weapons as specified by the State of California, and up to $100 for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The LAPD Gun Unit determines the type and classification of the firearm surrendered.

The Mayor's Gang Reduction and Youth Development Office staff also conducted a voluntary survey to participants at all three of the Gun Buyback locations. A total of 500 surveys were collected and they noted the success of the program, highlighting that 90.7% of respondents felt their neighborhoods were now safer, 36.9% of respondents said they did not keep the surrendered firearms locked, 72.9% said they did not intend to buy another gun, and 58.6% of respondents said their home is now gun free.

This year, for the first time, a statewide buyback took place. Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco also held buybacks on December 14th, and over 1,500 firearms were collected across California.