Mayor Garcetti Announces Historic Crime Drops

Every LAPD Bureau Experiences Drops; Homicides Lowest Since 1966; Part I Crimes Lower than 1956

Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that crime statistics for 2013 show the lowest number of homicides since 1966 and the lowest number of Part I crimes since 1956 – with the lowest per capita Part I crime rate since 1949, the year before the Korean War. Every LAPD bureau experienced a reduction in crime last year.

“I’m proud of these statistics, but it’s what’s behind the numbers that’s truly important – the streets that have been reclaimed, the parks that are once again open to our kids, the lives that have been saved,” Mayor Garcetti said. “Despite millions more people and a very changed world, it’s an incredible testament to the officers of the LAPD and the people of Los Angeles that crime is down to 1950s levels. It’s because of a commitment to fight gangs, smart and data-driven policing, intervention and prevention, and because LAPD now works with communities, not against them.”

“As Mayor, I will never be satisfied when it comes to public safety, and I will keep fighting to push crime down in every L.A. neighborhood,” Garcetti said.

In 2013, the total number of citywide Part 1 crimes was 100,521, a decrease of 5.2%. Citywide violent crime was down 12% and gang crime decreased 17.6%. More statistics are available in the attached document.

Mayor Garcetti also announced today the appointment of Eileen Decker as permanent Deputy Mayor for Homeland Security and Public Safety.

"Eileen Decker's experience in helping guide these historic drops in crime, as well as her aggressive commitment to fire department reform, emergency preparedness and homeland security made her the clear choice," Mayor Garcetti said.

View statistics on the historic drop in crime below: