Mayor Garcetti Announces Award for 'Resilience by Design'

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today that his Resilience by Design seismic preparedness plan has been awarded the “Extraordinary Innovation in Development of a Community Earthquake Safety Program” award by the Applied Technology Council (ATC) and the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

"Los Angeles leads the nation for earthquake preparedness, resilience, and safety," said Mayor Garcetti. "This recognition from ATC and SEI shows we are moving in the right direction by turning resilience research into bold action. We will be prepared when the 'Big One' hits, as we continue fortifying our buildings, protecting our water supply, and bolstering our telecommunications."

The award comes near the one-year anniversary of Resilience by Design, which was released on Dec. 8, 2014. The report addresses Los Angeles’ greatest earthquake vulnerabilities — including building retrofitting and steps to secure the city’s water supply and communications infrastructure.

Development of the report was led by Dr. Lucy Jones, a renowned United States Geological Survey seismologist. Jones, who served as Mayor Garcetti’s Science Advisor for Seismic Safety, assembled technical experts and consulted with businesses, property owners, and other stakeholders to help inform the City’s action steps.

“Los Angeles is taking critically important steps to develop and implement resilience-building measures that are strengthening our city, so we are better equipped to withstand earthquakes and other hazards,” said Marissa Aho, L.A.’s Chief Resilience Officer.

In October, Mayor Garcetti signed a historic ordinance that made Los Angeles the first city to mandate the retrofit of non-ductile reinforced concrete buildings. The law, which also requires retrofitting of approximately 13,500 soft-first story buildings constructed before 1980, addresses two primary recommendations in Resilience by Design. By incorporating these best practices, to substantially reduce the number of buildings that could collapse in a significant seismic event, the City of Los Angeles is leading the way in protecting Angelenos’ lives and property.