Mayor Garcetti Urges Supreme Court to Allow President Obama's Executive Action on Immigration

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today, in partnership with Cities for Action, that 118 cities and counties across America have joined an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to lift an injunction blocking President Obama’s executive action on immigration. The amicus brief in United States v. Texas was submitted by a coalition of mayors and co-drafted by the Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer’s office. It highlights the importance of allowing millions of children and families to stay together.

"We are faced with a choice at this pivotal moment in history: to turn away from our founding principles or reaffirm America as a place of opportunity for people who only want a better life. I urge the Supreme Court to rule in favor of President Obama's executive action on immigration, and uphold the ideals that have made this nation so great. This City was built by immigrants and thrives because of its diversity. It is the most global city in the world. We are ready to reach out to eligible immigrants through our Step Forward LA initiative, so they can step out of the shadows and carry on their pursuit of the American Dream."

The amicus brief urges the Supreme Court to consider the irreparable harms of preventing the implementation of the President’s executive action, which would expand the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and create the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) programs. These two programs would shield millions of immigrant children and families from deportation.

“President Obama’s executive action addressing the plight of undocumented children and their parents is at once humane and constitutional," said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. "We've been pleased to join in crafting a brief that clearly sets forth the reasons why."

The latest amicus brief follows two others that the City of Los Angeles signed on to since the initial Texas v. U.S. lawsuit was filed in 2015.

Mayor Garcetti has been at the forefront of national immigration advocacy efforts, and championed the implementation of the 2008 DACA program. As part of his Step Forward LA initiative, and in collaboration with local partners, Mayor Garcetti is continuing to build the regional infrastructure to support thousands of potential recipients of the DACA+ and DAPA programs in Los Angeles.

About the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs

In 2013, Mayor Garcetti re-established the Office of Immigrant Affairs. This office creates programs and initiatives to support immigrant integration in the City of Los Angeles through coordination of city services, outreach, and legislative advocacy. For more information on the Step Forward LA initiative, please visit: