Mayor Garcetti Turns On Recycled Water System At City Golf Course; Will Save Up To 163 Million Gallons Of Drinking Water A Year

LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Eric Garcetti turned on Hansen Dam Golf Course’s new recycled water system. The new system at the course, which is in Pacoima and owned by the City of Los Angeles, will save up to 163 million gallons of drinking water every year.

In October, Mayor Garcetti issued a bold executive directive to conserve water and address the drought, which included a call for 85 percent of L.A.'s golf course acreage to be irrigated with recycled water. Mayor Garcetti was joined by Councilmember Felipe Fuentes of the 7th District, and officials of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), L.A. Sanitation, and the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks today.

“City government will lead by example to conserve water and ensure a safe, reliable, and affordable local water supply for Angelenos. Reaching our goal of reducing water use by 20 percent, through efforts like converting to recycled water at our golf courses, will save ratepayers up to $120 million every year,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “We must continue to conserve, recycle and rethink how we use our water to save money and make sure we have enough water to keep L.A. growing.”

“The State's current drought only underscores L.A.'s need to be smarter about water, a very precious resource,” said Councilmember Felipe Fuentes, Chair of the City’s Energy and Environment Committee. “To address the issue, a number of city departments are working together to promote integrated water resource planning with wastewater, stormwater, water conservation and water re-use in order to manage our limited water supply into a more comprehensive manner. As we ask our residents to help conserve water, we, as a City are also leading the way by using more recycled water for our public facilities like Hansen Dam.”

The recycled water is delivered to the course by 4,500 feet of 20-inch diameter pipeline that connects with the LADWP’s Valley Generating Station via a uniquely designed stainless steel, cross-arched pipe bridge. The recycled water comes from the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant that is owned and operated by L.A. Sanitation.

Hansen Dam Golf Course is a popular 72-par, 18-hole course and is the seventh City of Los Angeles public golf course to be irrigated with recycled water. The recycled water project included replacing the entire golf course irrigation system, connecting it to recycled water lines and reseeding major portions of the greens and fairways. Roosevelt Golf Course in Griffith Park will be converted to recycled water next.

“L.A. Sanitation is a proud partner of Mayor Garcetti, LADWP and other city departments like Recreation and Parks in the quest to use local water resources and drastically cut drinking water use in our city,” said Enrique C. Zaldivar, Director of L.A. Sanitation. “This project is representative of the way we can reimagine in-place infrastructure to help meet water conservation goals.”

LADWP’s total recycled water “purple pipe” infrastructure spans 56 miles across the city with a total of 3.36 billion gallons delivered last year. LADWP’s goal is to increase recycled water deliveries to 59,000 acre feet per year or 19.2 billion gallons by 2035.

Marty Adams, Senior Assistant General Manager of the Water System, LADWP, said, “This project is a critical piece of the expansion of our overall recycled water portfolio as we respond to the Mayor’s call to further reduce our reliance on imported water. This week, our snowpack in Mammoth Pass which helps provide water in our L.A. Aqueduct is only a fifth of normal at this time of the year. Our weather patterns cannot guarantee that the Sierras will always come through for us, and with this statewide drought, we truly need to build our water supplies right here in our city.”

"It's no secret that California is currently experiencing the worst drought in its history. With that being said, the Department of Recreation and Parks is attempting to do all we can to help, especially when it comes to our golf courses. The Department currently manages, maintains and irrigates 14 golf courses, with 76 percent of our total golf turf acreage irrigated by recycled water. Our goal is to convert all off our golf facilities to recycled water, significantly increasing the overall percentage savings," said Michael A. Shull, General Manager, Recreation and Parks.

L.A. Recreation and Parks’ Golf Division currently manages, maintains and irrigates 14 City golf facilities including seven 18-hole championship courses, one 9-hole regulation course, two 9-hole executive courses, two 9-hole, pitch & putt, par 3 courses, one 18-hole pony course and the 3-hole Tregnan Golf Academy with a total of 1,306 acres of turf.

Six of the seven 18-hole golf courses and one 9 hole/par 3 course are currently being irrigated with recycled water. They include Balboa, Encino, Harding, Wilson, Woodley Lakes, Hansen Dam and the Los Feliz 9 hole/par 3 course. Los Feliz was recently retrofitted with a recycled water system in May 2014.