Posted on 04/12/2022


WASHINGTON D.C. — Mayor Eric Garcetti today joined President Biden at the White House for an announcement of a crackdown on ghost guns and an expansion of firearms regulations. 

“Today, I had the honor of joining President Biden as he announced a series of new regulations that will make our schools, theaters, and public spaces safer for everyone.

No longer can assailants take advantage of the invisibility of ghost guns to evade justice for their atrocious acts. 

Let’s remember the work is not yet done. With every new rule and regulation, our communities are safer — but we won’t rest until every illegal gun is off our streets and those responsible for heinous acts of violence are behind bars.”

Background on L.A.’s Gun Safety Leadership

Today’s actions come on the heels of a mass shooting in Sacramento, where six people lost their lives. 

Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City of Los Angeles has focused on reducing gun violence by removing deadly weapons from local communities. These efforts include a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines; a safe storage law requiring guns to be stored and locked while at home and not in use; and a mandate for ammunition sellers to keep records of ammunition sales.

Beyond those initiatives, through the work of the LAPD, the City has taken more than 56,545 firearms off the streets since 2013. In partnership with LAPD, the City has collected an additional 7,655 firearms through the Annual Gun Buyback program. The Mayor and LAPD continue to commit resources to the people and communities most impacted by gun violence, including through the LAPD’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center, a collaboration that focuses on the collection, management, and analysis of crime gun data and reduction of gun-related crime through coordination with Federal partners. 

In 2018, Mayor Garcetti launched his Youth Council to End Gun Violence, a collection of L.A. students focused on raising awareness around political activism and actions to save lives. That same year, he instructed the LAPD to clear the backlog in the Armed Prohibited Persons System database that lists prohibited gun owners, a milestone which officers were able to achieve by April 2020.

In 2021, the City of L.A. recovered 1,921 ghost guns, an increase of 136% compared to the previous year.