Mayor Garcetti proposes new budget that builds on first-term progress, and charts a course to L.A.’S future

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today unveiled his proposed 2017-18 budget — a fiscally responsible spending plan that focuses on the City’s commitment to ending homelessness, builds on the Mayor’s efforts to improve basic services, and puts voter-approved Measure M and Proposition HHH funding for housing and transportation projects into action.

The $9.2 billion budget allocates more than $176 million toward housing and services for homeless Angelenos — a $38 million increase from last year’s investment — and $35 million to fix some of the City’s most broken streets, and make roads safer for Angelenos.

“Over the last four years, we have brought Los Angeles back to basics — now, it’s time to build on that progress and dream bigger for tomorrow,” said Mayor Garcetti. “This budget will enable us to continue bringing change that Angelenos can see and feel in their neighborhoods, while building the future that we have all imagined together.”

Last November, L.A. voters approved Measure M and Proposition HHH to invest billions of dollars in housing and supportive services for the most vulnerable, and transportation infrastructure to make L.A. more connected. Mayor Garcetti’s budget puts tens of millions of dollars of that funding directly to use this year.

More than $89 million of the $176 million allocated to fight homelessness is HHH funding, which will go toward new permanent supportive housing and service facilities for homeless Angelenos. And the $35 million for transportation will come from Measure M and California SB 1, a transportation package that will fund street repairs across the state.

The budget maintains a 5% reserve fund while advancing Mayor Garcetti’s Back to Basics agenda — including a $2 million increase to the City’s graffiti removal program, which will enable the City to respond to 90% of requests within 24 hours, and a doubling of the Girls Play L.A. initiative, which will improve gender equity in sports programming throughout Los Angeles.

Mayor Garcetti’s proposed budget includes funding for:

A Safe City

  • 10,000 Sworn Police Officers
  • LAPD Metro System Patrol
  • LAPD Body-Worn Video Initiative
  • LAPD Domestic Abuse Response Teams 
  • LAPD Pledge to Patrol Program ($1 Million)
  • Firefighter Hiring ($10.5 Million)
  • Fire Department Youth Program Coordinator
  • New Fire Station Alerting System ($1 Million)
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Protection

A Prosperous City

  • Community Plan Updates ($3.5 Million)
  • Hire L.A.’s Youth & Summer Youth Program
  • Day Labor Centers
  • L.A.’s Best Expansion
  • Proposition HHH Housing and Facilities ($89 Million)
  • Outreach and Sanitation Crews ($36.8 Million)
  • Sobering Center Emergency Resource Unit

A Livable & Sustainable City

  • Vision Zero ($17 Million)
  • Great Streets ($3.6 Million)
  • DASH Expansion ($14 Million)
  • Sidewalk Repair ($31 Million)
  • 24-Hour Graffiti Removal ($2 Million)
  • Girls Play L.A. Expansion
  • Joint Use Agreements for Park Space
  • Tree-Trimming ($7.1 Million)
  • Purposeful Aging

A Well-Run City

  • Innovation Fund
  • Anytime-Anywhere City Employee Candidate Testing
  • Asset Management ($1.8 Million)
  • Network Improvement
  • Procurement Reform
  • Finance System Enhancement
  • Reserve Fund Maintenance (5%)

Mayor Garcetti’s full proposed 2017-2018 budget is available here.