Posted on 04/19/2018

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today unveiled his 2019 budget proposal — a $9.9 billion spending plan that would more than double the City’s investment in the fight against homelessness, and put tens of millions of new dollars into street, sidewalk and traffic safety improvements, while continuing to strengthen the City’s fiscal foundation.

Mayor Garcetti’s proposed budget substantially increases spending to fix L.A.’s streets and sidewalks, and make them safer for everyone. It includes $91 million for Vision Zero, and traffic and pedestrian safety projects, $41 million for new sidewalks, $73.4 million for street reconstruction, and $147.8 million for street maintenance. Those numbers represent increases of $13 million, $10 million, $43.4 million, and $16.4 million over last year, respectively.

The next fiscal year will be the first full year of funding from Prop. HHH and Measure M — two ballot initiatives that L.A. voters passed in 2016 to invest billions in homeless housing and transportation in the coming years. It will also be the first full year of funding from SB1, a landmark state infrastructure bill passed last year. Mayor Garcetti’s budget takes full advantage of this new revenue, and puts it directly into the improvements that Angelenos have been promised.

Mayor Garcetti’s spending plan also takes new steps to protect the City’s fiscal health, and strengthen its financial resilience. This year’s budget increases the Reserve Fund to $343 million, or 5.56% of the overall budget; and includes a Budget Stabilization Fund that surpasses $100 million for the first time ever, at a total of $104.4 million.

Mayor Garcetti’s proposed budget also includes:

  • Increasing 3-1-1 staff, and reducing wait times.

  • Funding for Census 2020 outreach and support.

  • Improving opportunity and expediting hiring in the City of Los Angeles, by developing online civil service testing that is available anytime, anywhere.

  • Expanding Domestic Violence Shelter Operations to increase shelter availability, adding 60-70 new beds which can serve an additional 400 clients each year.

  • Investing $1 million in Girls Play Los Angeles to increase girls’ participation in Recreation and Parks sports programming with a goal of reaching gender parity, and double the number of young people who learn to swim.

  • Reducing the Neighborhood Community Plan refresh rate from 10 to 6 years.

  • Committing to over $10.5 million in improvements to the L.A. Convention Center.

  • Increasing funding to provide outreach and education regarding the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, along with a $1 million pilot for Accessory Dwelling Units construction streamlining.

  • Increasing investment in solar technology on municipal facilities and expanding the City’s network of electric vehicles and chargers.

  • Leveraging local and federal dollars for SAFER, which increases fire suppression and emergency services such as our Fast Response Vehicle Program.

  • Investing in the Associate Community Officer Program (A-COP) to foster increased diversity in law enforcement and help build the LAPD of the future.

  • Reforming the procurement processes to simplify our approach to business and use tax dollars more efficiently.

  • Migrating City workers to smartphones that support voice, chat, and mobile apps to replace traditional desk phones that will no longer supported by 2020.