Mayor Garcetti Nominates Wendy Macy as Next General Manager of Personnel

Wendy-Macy.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti today announced the nomination of Wendy Macy as the next General Manager of City of Los Angeles Personnel Department. Macy currently serves as Director of Human Resources for the County of Sonoma, a position she has held since 2011, and was previously Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

In Sonoma County, Macy managed a full-service human resources agency, was instrumental in negotiating new agreements with 11 bargaining units to strengthen fiscal sustainability, and played a role in the County’s strategic planning and budget development functions.

Macy is an attorney who spent a decade with the Los Angeles Unified School District as Chief Operating Officer, Personnel Director, and Associate General Counsel. At the school district from 2001-2011, she led the Personnel Commission through tough economic times, reorganizing major functions to cut costs and improve service.

"Wendy Macy has been a successful change agent in reforming major public agencies throughout her career, and will encourage and reward innovation here in LA to produce better, faster and more economical results," said Mayor Garcetti. "She will be a strong leader of our work to restore pride and excellence in public service with a commitment to train, equip, and empower the public workers who deliver our vital basic services."

"I welcome the opportunities and challenges of implementing Mayor Garcetti’s vision of a workforce empowered to change the way we do business at City Hall," Macy said. "Mayor Garcetti has promised to listen to rank and file city employees, and use training, technology and innovation to make Los Angeles the best run big city in America. He recognizes – and so do I – that it is our talented and committed workforce who are key to our success."

Macy received her law and bachelors degrees from Harvard University.

Macy would succeed Maggie Whelan, who retired earlier this year after 47 years of service to the City, and current acting General Manager David Luther. Her appointment is subject to confirmation by the City Council.

The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department works across all 37 City departments and over 44,000 employees to foster and sustain a diverse, efficient, and effective workforce that provides the highest level public service to the residents of Los Angeles. It has an annual budget of $54 million and 456 full-time employees. The department is a full-service human resources department overseeing the City's civil service hiring, promotion, evaluation and discipline system as well as worker's compensation administration, citywide staff training, employee benefits and custody medical care in the City's three jails.