Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti


Mayor Garcetti Launches Interactive Budget Website

Open Budget

Mayor Eric Garcetti today launched a new website that makes it easier for people to review the city's finances by offering interactive graphs of the current and past budget, including multi-year trends and departmental revenue and expenditure details.

Mayor Garcetti’s budget website is at and uses the cloud-based OpenGov Platform. It is being launched as Mayor Garcetti prepares to release his first budget as Mayor next month.

“My new budget website gives residents a better way to see how their tax dollars are being collected and spent, making LA city government more transparent and accountable,” said Mayor Garcetti.

Mayor Garcetti's back to basics agenda is focused on making city government more efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable, and he has used technology as a key way to achieve this. The new budget information site compliments ControlPanelLA, the web tool launched late last year by Controller Ron Galperin. ControlPanelLA is a searchable database of actual expenses and revenues since the city installed its current financial software system in July 2011. Open Budget is a searchable database of budgeted expenses and revenues going back five years to July 1, 2009. ControlPanel LA is best for looking for specific financial information -- Open Budget is best for analyzing budgeting information and trends. Together, they provide an unprecedented interactive window into the details of the budget and finances of the City of Los Angeles for citizens and researchers.

In addition to the new budget website, Mayor Garcetti’s performance metrics website allows residents to monitor how effective city departments are in providing services. Mayor Garcetti also recently appointed the city's first Chief Information Technology Officer, Peter Marx, who helped launch this site.

"The City of Los Angeles is setting a new standard for public reporting and transparency. By transforming their data into meaningful, actionable information, the city brings its immense data to life.” says Zachary Bookman, CEO and co-founder of OpenGov. "This is a wonderful opportunity to create engagement and strengthen the relationship between the City and the community.”

The Open Budget splash page on Mayor Garcetti's website was designed by Signature Creative. "Signature Creative was thrilled to work with Mayor Garcetti's office to help make the City's Open Budget a user-friendly experience," said John Gheur, Founder of Signature Creative. "This cutting-edge website helps our city government better reflect LA's reputation as one of the most creative and innovative cities in the world."

In addition, Mayor Garcetti is using a new "Performance-Based" budgeting model this year. City budgets are usually created by taking the previous year’s budget and simply adding to it or reducing it. Performance based budgeting starts with identifying the desired results, and then spending decisions are made based on how to best achieve those results.