Posted on 11/18/2021


LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today launched Strength and Love, The City of Angels’ COVID-19 Memorial to commemorate, honor, and remember those lost to COVID and those who have held the city together throughout the pandemic. 

“We will forever remember those we’ve lost to COVID-19, and never forget how the pain summoned the best of the Angeleno spirit: to help, care for, and stand with one another through fear and heartbreak never felt before,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Strength and Love will always be more than words to the people of this city — they represent a lifelong commitment to push on with the courage, generosity, and unity that this experience has shown is so important in our lives. Participating in this memorial will help us hold those values in our hearts, keep them on our minds, and put them on display for the world to see.” 

The memorial will be held Thursday, November 18, 2021 through Saturday, November 20, 2021 to:

  • HONOR those who held our city together including first responders, essential workers, small businesses owners, community organizations, caregivers, neighbors, and families. 

  • REMEMBER those we have lost to the pandemic.

  • MOBILIZE to give back to our communities and work together to build a stronger and more resilient city. 

During these three days, buildings across Los Angeles will be lit blue each night to mark the Strength and Love memorial and the Griffith Observatory will host a white flag installation memorializing the nearly 27,000 lives lost to COVID-19 across Los Angeles County. The installation will be open to the public until November 22. 

Angelenos will also have the opportunity to join nightly activations at 8 p.m.: 

  • Day 1, Honor: Clap for our city’s heroes outside with your friends and neighbors.

  • Day 2, Remember: Light a candle to remember those we have lost to the pandemic.

  • Day 3, Mobilize: Wave a flashlight or phone light outside to make L.A. shine.

This memorial is a commemorative event in the City’s fight against COVID-19 and recognition for all the Angelenos who have stood up for each other.  During this time Mayor Garcetti has taken strong action — creating critical infrastructure to ensure Angelenos have access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines and businesses can continue operating in a safe and sustainable manner. 

To learn more about the memorial, download the digital toolkit, and find out how you can participate, please visit