Posted on 07/12/2019

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today reaffirmed that City of L.A. law enforcement does not participate in or assist with civil immigration enforcement, and reminded all Angelenos of their rights following President Trump’s threat to conduct ICE deportation sweeps in cities across America beginning this weekend.

“Los Angeles will not give in to fear, and our officers will never participate in ICE enforcement actions,” said Mayor Garcetti. “No Angeleno should have to be afraid of being taken from their home or separated from their loved ones. We will take every possible step to protect our residents from harm and keep families together — and we will stand by immigrant families by giving them the support and information they need.”

In 2017, Mayor Garcetti signed his 20th executive directive, “Standing with Immigrants: A City of Safety, Refuge, and Opportunity for All.” The directive ensures that L.A.’s public servants are focused on protecting people, serving communities, and saving lives — not inquiring about immigration status or engaging in federal civil immigration enforcement actions.

The directive expanded existing LAPD policies on immigration enforcement to Airport police, Port police, and firefighters — and prohibits all city employees from using public facilities or resources to assist or cooperate with federal civil immigration enforcement. It also requires that all city facilities and services be made available to Angelenos without regard to citizenship or immigration status, and orders protections on the confidentiality of information submitted by residents who enroll in city programs and services, unless specifically required by law.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to protecting our residents through community outreach, engagement, and relationship building with strict adherence to the law,” said Chief Michel Moore.

The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs has created a Community Resource Guide for immigrant Angelenos — which provides people with comprehensive information about their rights and available resources — including contact information for legal service providers and community organizations. The guide can be found on the Mayor’s website in both English and Spanish.   

In addition, the Mayor’s Office is working closely with FamilySource Centers and the Los Angeles Unified School District to disseminate “Know Your Rights” information in their facilities. The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs is also in direct contact with immigrant advocacy groups — who are partners in the L.A. Justice Fund — to identify people who need help, connect families facing the deportation of a loved one with the legal representation they may need, and assist with rapid response case management.