Posted on 08/26/2020

Directs all City departments to relaunch key operations remotely, deliver back-to-basics services more efficiently

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed an Executive Directive calling on every City department to relaunch public services in a contactless and easily accessible way, and requiring all departments to go digital. 

“COVID-19 has radically changed the way businesses, customers, and communities function, work, and live –– and government is no exception. We have to find new, innovative ways to engage with our constituents, boost accessibility and convenience, and protect everyone’s health and safety,” said Mayor Garcetti. “No one should have to wait in line or a crowded building when they could just click a button, and today’s Executive Directive puts back-to-basics services at Angelenos’ fingertips.”

The Mayor’s Contactless Government Executive Directive aims at making critical services available online to allow for better customer service, preserve public health, improve equity, and expand Angelenos’ access to City government. While some departments have already started offering services without requiring face-to-face interaction, this directive requires all departments to develop a comprehensive plan to make contactless services the norm for the long term. 

To help shape, coordinate, and drive these efforts, the measure will create a Contactless Task Force within the City, a group of leaders tasked with transitioning key systems including payment, direct assistance, program enrollment, and public counter, permitting, and library services.

The Mayor’s Executive Directive also lays the foundation for the roll out of a universal login for L.A. residents, known as the Angeleno Account. This step will streamline the City services experience for L.A. residents. Currently in the beta phase of its launch, the City’s LABAVN site has 56,000 registered Angeleno ID users. The City’s Information Technology Agency (ITA) will soon expand the platform to include all City services, including 311 and LADWP. 

“The Mayor’s Executive Directive for Contactless Government redefines City government operations, and is a game-changer for innovation and equity,” said Ted Ross, Chief Information Officer for the City of L.A. “When bidding for a City contract and filing a service request can be done in one simple easy visit to our online site, information can be shared more quickly and seamlessly between residents and City workers — and problems can get resolved with the click of a button. We are excited for a new era of constituent and government relations in Los Angeles.”