Posted on 09/11/2018

The Mayor also helped unveil a new 2028 Zero Emissions Roadmap to accelerate the reduction of air pollution over the next decade.

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today brought climate and industry leaders together for a forum on clean transportation, which he hosted alongside Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo ahead of this week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. 

Mayors Garcetti and Hidalgo, with a group of thought leaders and policymakers from across the country, discussed innovative ways for cities around the world to make their transportation systems more sustainable — a critical goal for Paris and Los Angeles as they prepare to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 and 2028, respectively.

Mayor Garcetti discussed the L.A. Cleantech Incubator’s 2028 Zero Emissions Roadmap, a new blueprint to help cities accelerate progress on their emissions reduction goals.

And he announced the launch of the Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle (EV) Purchasing Collaborative — a new online portal that will help lower the cost of electric vehicles by enabling cities to bid on them together in larger quantities. The portal will provide cities across the country equal access to competitive pricing and charging infrastructure.

“The clean transportation revolution is not a distant vision for the far-off future — it’s a reality staring us in the face, and it’s happening here in Los Angeles and cities across the world,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Through this innovative platform, Climate Mayors are sending a powerful message to the global car market: if you build electric vehicles, we will buy them.”

The portal is an unprecedented effort to help cities across the country rapidly electrify their municipal fleets. As a result of the new platform, 20 founding Climate Mayors' cities and two counties have committed to purchasing 391 EVs — a figure that is expected to grow as the program continues to engage cities across the country. 

Transportation is the largest and fastest-growing source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. By leveraging the buying power of Climate Mayors’ cities, the portal will work to accelerate the electrification of local fleets — and help America maintain its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The platform was developed in partnership with the Electrification Coalition (EC), which will offer expert guidance and information to cities as needed — enabling a more efficient conversion of city fleets and faster expansion of charging infrastructure.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates impressive and innovative leadership from cities to electrify their fleets. By transitioning to electric vehicle fleets, we are reducing our oil dependency, driving the EV market and taking a critical step towards meeting the goals of America’s Pledge on climate change” said Ben Prochazka, Vice President of the Electrification Coalition. “We are excited to partner with more than 400 cities to provide the tools and resources needed to make it easier for every city in the U.S. to plug-in their fleets into an electric transportation future.” 

The portal was unveiled today at Mayor Garcetti’s Forum on Clean Transportation, a roundtable discussion with key industry and sustainability leaders on collective actions to increase local and international clean transportation initiatives. Mayor Garcetti was joined by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chair of C40 Cities — a network of 96 megacities committed to urgent action on climate change. 

“It is inspiring to see so many American Climate Mayors committing to transform their fleets into electric vehicles,” said Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chair of C40 Cities. “They are part of an unstoppable global momentum for change. Thanks to the bold leadership shown by C40’s member cities, millions of polluting cars, vans, and buses will soon be replaced by clean alternatives. Cities are concretely getting the job done, delivering on the highest goals of the Paris Agreement and cleaning the air that our citizens breathe.”

In addition to the Purchasing Collaborative, the forum focused on the L.A. Cleantech Incubator’s (LACI) new 2028 Zero Emissions Roadmap — a blueprint to help accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by the time the world arrives in Los Angeles for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The partnership is comprised of LACI, the Office of Mayor Garcetti, California Air Resources Board, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and Southern California Edison (SCE).

“The Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap is the first milestone of the newly-formed Transportation Electrification Partnership, an unrivaled public-private partnership between Mayor Garcetti and our area's top officials and industry leaders to accelerate the clean up of our air, grow our economy and advance innovation,” said Matt Petersen, President and CEO of LACI. “This regional partnership combined with the Climate Mayors EV Procurement Platform marks a major step in climate action for Southern California and the nation.”

About Climate Mayors: Climate Mayors, founded in 2014 by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, is a bipartisan, peer-to-peer network of 409 U.S. Mayors representing 70 million Americans from 47 states committed to adopting, honoring, and upholding the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Climate Mayors are working together to demonstrate leadership on climate change through meaningful actions in their communities, and to express and build political will for effective federal and global policy. Last year, Mayor Garcetti led the release of an EV RFI with 30 cities to demonstrate demand for over 114,000 electric vehicles, trucks, and equipment.

For a full list of participating Climate Mayors and more information on the initiative, visit To learn more about Climate Mayors, visit You can also engage with Climate Mayors on FacebookTwitter and Medium.

What Climate Mayors are saying:

“Santa Monica is proud to be amongst leaders taking action on climate change through the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative. As the majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, this effort reduces our collective carbon footprint and will help Santa Monica achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner.” — Tony Vazquez, Mayor of Santa Monica, California 
“This purchase of electric vehicles for our fleet is part of our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Jersey City continues to be a leader in municipal efforts to combat climate change and I am honored to help move this important collaborative forward.” — Steven Fulop, Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey
“Electrification is vital to taking action against climate change. As a Climate Mayor, I am proud to see Long Beach join the founding cities to lead the charge.” — Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach, California 
“Chula Vista has long been an environmental champion and we are proud to be one of the founding cities for the launch of the Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative. As an active partner of Climate Mayors, we are putting the concept of ‘thinking globally and acting locally’ into action. Our goal to double the city’s low and zero-emission vehicle fleet sends a strong signal about our commitment to promoting cleaner air and reducing greenhouse emissions to support the goals of our Climate Action Plan. By working together, we will show how cities can shape solutions and demonstrate the power of collective action on climate change.” — Mary Casillas Salas, Mayor of Chula Vista, California  
“The City of Yonkers is proud to be part of a coalition of cities across America committed to vehicle electrification and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative will help accelerate the conversion of municipal vehicle fleets from gas to electric and demonstrates how cities can work together in taking meaningful action on climate change.” — Mike Spano, Mayor of Yonkers, New York 
“I am excited to be a founding member of the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative, and even more excited to say that we are the first and only county, thus far, involved in this innovative program. I want to thank the City of Los Angeles for bringing together local governments across the nation to lead in EV adoption and proud to announce that we will procure five vehicles for our county fleet in 2019. One of the most impactful things we, as a county, can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to move our fleet to electric vehicles and cleaner burning heavy-duty vehicles. Reducing emissions is the number one thing we can do to help slow the impact of climate change.” — Armond Budish, Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Executive
“Portland is proud to join with other forward-thinking cities around the country to allow our fleets better access to affordable electric vehicles. Every switch to clean power vehicles will reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and keep us on track to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.” — Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon
“Aspen is proud to join the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative by adding zero-emissions vehicles to our own fleet. Currently, 17 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions in Aspen comes from transportation and projections show there will be more cars on the roads in the future. These factors emphasize the need to ensure that the cars on the road, now and into the future, are cleaner. We applaud Climate Mayors for organizing a platform to lower the cost of EVs and charging infrastructure for communities across the US.” — Steve Skadron, Mayor of Aspen, Colorado