Mayor Garcetti Highlights LADWP’S New 15% Energy Efficiency Goal, Which Leads Nation

EfficiencyMayor Eric Garcetti today highlighted the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s energy efficiency goal of 15% by year 2020—the highest and most ambitious energy efficiency goal by a major municipal utility in the United States. The new goal, adopted by Garcetti’s appointees to the Board of Water and Power in August 2014, exceeds the 10-year, 10 percent energy efficiency requirements set by AB 2021, and will create jobs while promoting energy savings for customers.

"Just as water conservation is how we will get through our drought and control our water costs, energy conservation is how we will address climate change and keep our power bills low,"Mayor Garcetti said. "Reforming the DWP and reducing utility costs are key components of my back to basics agenda, and investing in efficiency is three to four times cheaper than building new power plants and cleans the air. The cheapest and cleanest way to ensure we have enough electricity to keep the lights on and power our economy is through energy efficiency."

The new energy efficiency target brings significant environmental as well as economic benefits to Los Angeles. The 15% goal represents a total of 3,596 GWh in energy use reduction which equates to the benefits of removing 440,000 cars from L.A.’s streets each year. The energy efficiency programs will also create 16 jobs for every $1 million invested, according to the jobs creation study conducted by UCLA. LADWP is working with commercial, industrial and institutional customers who use quality contractors that employ skilled union labor, and therefore provide these important work opportunities.

Nancy Sutley, LADWP’s Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer says, "Key to achieving our 15% energy efficiency goal is the participation of all of our customer sectors, but most especially the large commercial, industrial and institutional customers. By working together, we achieve the highest energy savings and create more jobs.” She adds, “Energy efficiency makes business sense, providing positive impacts to both the financial and environmental bottom lines of all involved."

The Mayor’s announcement was made at The Bloc in Downtown Los Angeles, a LADWP premier account customer implementing energy efficiency upgrades in coordination with the utility. Various energy-saving measures are now in place at the Macy’s Department Store, the office tower, parking garage, mall area, the hotel and other common spaces. LADWP continues to work with The Bloc and its development company The Ratkovich Company to identify more energy efficiency opportunities at the downtown commercial landmark.

LADWP plans to meet the new energy efficiency goal through its robust and diverse energy efficiency programs tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of its customers. Business programs include the Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program; the Commercial Lighting Incentive Program; the Food Service Program; the Small Business Direct Install Program; the Retrocommissioning Program administered in coordination with the Southern California Gas Company.

The LADWP’s energy conservation program complements its water conservation program, announced last month by Mayor Garceti with an executive directive to dramatically reduce the use of fresh water and the purchase of costly imported water. For more information about LA’s drought response, visit

For more information about the LADWP Energy Efficiency Programs both for residential and commercial customers,