Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti


Mayor Garcetti, City Attorney Feuer: ‘Safer At Home’ emergency order will be strongly enforced

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Attorney Mike Feuer today assured strong enforcement of the City’s “Safer at Home” emergency order, which requires Angelenos to stay in their residences in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“We’re all safer at home, and that’s not a suggestion — it is the law,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Refusing to follow it isn’t brave or funny — it’s stupid and could wind up killing you or someone else. Angelenos are doing an extraordinary job of staying in their homes, and we won’t tolerate the selfish behavior of a few who unnecessarily put our community at risk.”

The “Safer at Home” order requires Angelenos to remain in their homes except for the most essential activities — including critical tasks such as securing food and health, safety and medical necessities, as well as caring for children, elder adults, family, friends and people with disabilities. Failure to heed the order is a misdemeanor that can result in fines or jail time. 

City Attorney Feuer has assigned his Neighborhood Prosecutor team to work with the Los Angeles Police Department to seek compliance and enforce the City’s order when necessary. 

“In the strongest possible terms, I urge that Angelenos adhere to the ‘Safer at Home’ Order, and non-essential businesses shut their doors,” said City Attorney Feuer. “Those crucial steps protect all of us. As part of the City team, my Office’s Neighborhood Prosecutors will work toward gaining compliance with the Order, helping ensure that our families are safe.”

In addition to the City Attorney’s Neighborhood Prosecutors, the Mayor announced the formation of the “Safer at Home” Business Ambassadors program — which deploys City workers and volunteers with the Mayor’s Crisis Response Team to businesses that appear to be out of compliance with the emergency order with a goal of securing voluntary compliance. If voluntary compliance is not achieved, the ambassadors will share information with the City Attorney and LAPD for follow-up. Members of the public can report out-of-compliance businesses at

Mayor Garcetti has taken a number of emergency measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, including a plan to quickly shelter thousands of Angelenos experiencing homelessness; restrictions placed on bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters, entertainment venues, bowling alleys and arcades, gyms and fitness centers; and limits on public gatherings in City facilities. 

The Mayor has also taken several steps to support residents and businesses during the local emergency — including placing a moratorium on residential and commercial evictions and water and power shutoffs, and an economic relief package for businesses impacted by the pandemic. 

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