Mayor Garcetti appoints Matt Szabo as Deputy Chief of Staff

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today that he has named Matt Szabo as his new Deputy Chief of Staff.


Szabo is a 17-year City Hall veteran who currently serves as Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation. In that role, he serves as Mayor Garcetti’s top budget advisor, oversees the administration’s sustainability initiatives, and leads efforts to support innovation and performance management in City government and operations. In his new position, he will work with Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero to advance Mayor Garcetti’s ambitious agenda.


“In my years of working with Matt, I have seen that he isn’t just a strong leader — he inspires people to work harder, reach higher and embrace new ways of solving our most pressing challenges,” said Mayor Garcetti. “That’s the kind of leadership that Los Angeles needs, and it’s why I know Matt will make an excellent Deputy Chief of Staff.”


Szabo has already played an instrumental role in several of Mayor Garcetti’s landmark policy achievements. And last year, he helped build a City budget that allocated an unprecedented $138 million to fighting homelessness. In his new position, Szabo will continue to lead the budget development process and will serve as the Mayor’s representative on the Proposition HHH Administrative Oversight Committee.


“Thanks to the success of Mayor Garcetti and City leaders, the future of Los Angeles is bright and full of so much potential,” Szabo said. “It is a tremendous honor to assist the mayor in implementing his bold agenda, and help further institutionalize a culture of innovation and performance management to better serve the residents of our City.”


Prior to his role as Mayor Garcetti’s Deputy Mayor, Szabo served as a member of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works. He was also a Deputy Mayor and budget adviser to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and a press advisor to both Mayor Villaraigosa and Mayor Richard Riordan. In addition, he served as an aide to City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.


Szabo will begin his new position next month.


Szabo will build on the successes of Rick Jacobs who has been on leave as Deputy Chief of Staff to work on the successful Measure M campaign and Mayor Garcetti’s reelection campaign.


“Rick has been instrumental in many of my key initiatives, including securing the state film tax credits, passing the minimum wage, securing and producing the US-China Climate Leaders Summit, laying the groundwork for the Lucas Museum, creating the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and passing Measure M, the largest local transportation measure in U.S. history,” Mayor Garcetti said today. “Rick is a good friend and will remain a close advisor. I look forward to working with him over the coming years.”