Mayor Garcetti Announces Reorganization of Los Angeles Fire Department

New Command Structure will Reduce Response Times and Increase Accountability

LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced one of the most significant organizational changes in the 128-year history of the Los Angeles Fire Department. LAFD will be divided into four geographic bureaus, each commanded by a Deputy Chief reporting directly to the Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations. The new bureaus follow the boundaries of the four Los Angeles Police Department geographic bureaus and unifies efforts between LAPD and the Emergency Management Department to make the city more resilient in an emergency.

"This reorganization is an important part of my reform agenda for the LAFD to reduce response times and increase accountability," said Mayor Garcetti. "This common sense change puts the Bureau Commanders in closer contact with their communities while making the city more resilient by aligning emergency operations across departments."

The purpose of the reorganization is for each new Bureau Commander and their staff to become familiar with the community and improve the effectiveness of their operations. As opposed to the traditional rotating shift, platoon duty system, the bureaus will operate during normal weekday business hours, and bureau commanders and staff will be available 24/7 to respond to significant emergencies. The bureau commanders and staff will be responsible for all LAFD activities in their respective bureaus and their effectiveness in reducing response times will be reviewed regularly as part of the FireStatLA program. Members of the public will have one point of contact, and the bureau commanders will regularly meet with community groups in their region.

“This reorganization will result in dramatic improvement in the Department’s responsiveness to our members, the public, the business community, and our elected officials” said LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas. “This improvement is long overdue and critical in our efforts to maintain our position as a highly regarding fire service leader and the community focused organization we strive to become.”

The four bureaus will be organized as follows:

  • Central Bureau, Fire Station 3 (108 N. Fremont Ave. 90012) commanded by Deputy Chief Phillip Fligiel

  • South Bureau, San Pedro City Hall (638 S. Beacon St. 90731) commanded by Deputy Chief Daren Palacios

  • Valley Bureau, Fire Station 88 (5101 N. Sepulveda Bl. 91403) commanded by Deputy Chief Daryl Arbuthnott

  • West Bureau, Fire Station 82 Annex (1800 N. Bronson Ave. 90028) commanded by Deputy Chief Joseph Castro