Posted on 07/17/2015

Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced a new seismic safety measure which will help protect Angelenos' lives and property in the event of an earthquake. The Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS) has established three new "Preliminary Fault Rupture Study Areas" for several fault lines within the city that have not yet been mapped by the California Geological Survey (CGS). This measure puts L.A. ahead of the state in ensuring new buildings are not built above active fault lines in the City of Los Angeles.

LADBS’s Preliminary Fault Rupture Study Areas are areas where active faults may exist and present a potential for ground rupture to occur during a local earthquake. If a proposed development is found to be in a Preliminary Fault Rupture Study Area, geologic investigations to determine the presence or absence of an active fault will be required before building permits are issued by LADBS. The Preliminary Fault Rupture Study Areas will not affect existing buildings, only new developments.

  • The mapped zones are available online at here to view a City of LA Map including preliminary fault rupture study areas.

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Mayor Garcetti Announces New Local Earthquake Fault Study Zones to Ensure New Buildings Are Not Built on Active Fault Lines