Posted on 09/13/2016


LOS ANGELES—Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today that the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Rams have reached an agreement on reimbursement for City services made necessary by home football games hosted at the Coliseum.

Mayor Garcetti met last month with Rams owner Stan Kroenke to request that the Rams cover the cost of security surrounding the Coliseum during Rams home games. With today’s agreement, the Rams honor that request, and enable the City to dedicate the necessary police presence to Rams games, while keeping patrol officers on the streets where they belong. The Rams have also agreed to make retroactive payments for services provided during two preseason games that were held last month.

"Stan Kroenke and the Rams organization made it clear to me from the start that they intended to be partners with the City and good neighbors to the people of Los Angeles and the region. The commitment they made today, to cover the cost of game-day impacts to the City — including police, fire, and sanitation support at and around the Coliseum — is a win for all Angelenos. This partnership ensures that fans will continue to enjoy a secure and family-friendly experience at the venue, with no impact on our ability to provide public safety to all of our communities," said Mayor Garcetti.

Under the agreement, the Rams will reimburse the full cost incurred by the City to provide the necessary police, fire and street services personnel to keep the area surrounding the Coliseum safe during Rams home games. The agreement allows the City to dedicate the resources needed to Rams games, while keeping officers on the job, whether in stations or on the streets. As a result, security at Rams games will not impact the City's street patrol presence.