Posted on 02/22/2018

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today unveiled a social media campaign to highlight diversity in the Los Angeles Police Department and encourage more Angelenos to consider careers in the LAPD.


The “Our LAPD” campaign — a collaboration between the Mayor’s Innovation Team, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department — features the stories of officers who exemplify the department’s commitment to diversity. Among those featured in the campaign: an Olympic medalist and mother of twins; a formerly homeless father of four; and a Guatemalan-born architect. It also includes information about the LAPD application and recruitment process, and highlights the broad range of career paths at the LAPD. 



“Law enforcement is more effective when it reflects the community it serves,” said Mayor Garcetti. “This campaign is about increasing awareness of the LAPD’s commitment to diversity — and building on that commitment with the next generation of recruits.”



“Our LAPD” is one of several initiatives that Mayor Garcetti has created to help build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. In 2016, he signed an executive directive that instructs City departments to prioritize hiring in L.A.’s most underemployed communities — including veterans, the formerly incarcerated, and disconnected youth. Last November, he welcomed the first class of Pledge to Patrol — an initiative to increase diversity in law enforcement and help more young Angelenos earn money and attend college while preparing for careers in the LAPD. And earlier this month, he launched the Evolve Entertainment Fund to create new opportunities for women, people of color, low-income Angelenos, and others underrepresented in the entertainment industry. 



“The Los Angeles Police Department is proud that it continues to reflect the rich diversity that makes this city a vibrant place to call home,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. “As we build the next generation of police officers and the workforce of L.A.’s future, we embrace a campaign that highlights the men and women who put on the same uniform everyday, yet come from a wide range of unique backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences. If you are committed to creating healthy communities and making L.A. a better place to live, there is a career waiting for you here at the LAPD.”



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