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Mayor Garcetti and LADOT Release First-Ever Transportation Strategic Plan to Provide Safer Streets and Better Transportation Options

Read the full plan here.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) General Manager Seleta Reynolds today released Great Streets for Los Angeles, LADOT's first strategic plan to turn the city’s essential infrastructure -- its streets and sidewalks -- into safer, more livable 21st century public spaces that accommodate everyone who uses them.

"We are changing our approach to transportation by building a system that offers Angelenos multiple options for how to get around," said Mayor Garcetti. "LADOT is at the heart of making this vision a reality in L.A., and the strategic plan establishes the concrete steps the department will take to accomplish this over the next few years."

The plan builds upon Mayor Garcetti's back to basics agenda and Great Streets Initiative, which look at L.A.'s streets as valuable assets that can help revitalize neighborhoods across the city and make it easier for Angelenos to get around whether they walk, bike, drive, or take transit. The plan also stresses the importance of working closely with other city and regional agencies, such as the Bureau of Street Services and Metro, to improve safe, accessible transportation services and infrastructure.

"This strategic plan is an urban constitution for what L.A.'s streets can be and how to make them safer and better for the economy and for all Angelenos, no matter how they get around," said LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds, "We look forward to partnering with stakeholders and city leaders to bring it to life."

Councilmember Mike Bonin chairs the City Council's Transportation Committee.

"Having a forward-looking strategic transportation plan is essential for neighborhoods in L.A.," said Councilmember Bonin. "I'm excited to work with the Mayor and Seleta in putting this plan into action so we can put neighborhoods first."

Janette Sadik-Khan of Bloomberg Associates helped direct the strategic planning process.

“A city's health, safety, and economy starts with its streets, and identifying the strategies and benchmarks to mark progress toward its goals is an essential part of the work LADOT does every day," said Sadik-Khan. "Safe streets that provide more and better choices for Angelenos can help unlock L.A.'s economic potential and make its streets into something more than just drive-through corridors."

The 62-page plan focuses on Mayor Garcetti's priorities of making the city safe, prosperous, and livable with a well-run government. It outlines goals and benchmarks to track progress and includes key targets for making LADOT an even more transparent and responsive agency that also attracts and retrains a talented workforce.

Key goals include:

Vision Zero: Eliminate traffic deaths by 2025 and design streets to increase the safety of pedestrians--including adding 100 new high-visibility continental crosswalks

Great Streets: Implement changes to the 15 Great Street corridors and launch programs to reduce dangerous speeding in residential neighborhoods. Increase bike infrastructure and launch a regional bike share program. Expand bus service and improve its quality and connectivity with surrounding neighborhoods.

A 21st Century DOT: Streamline LADOT's operations to implement needed safety and mobility projects quickly and efficiently. Make the agency a great place to work and work better with other agencies. Enhance technologies to manage traffic, meters, and parking operations.

Customer Service: Make LADOT accessible and responsive to Angelenos, provide more and better information to residents, and improve parking enforcement

World-Class Streets for a World-Class Economy: Real-time traffic information and more efficient allocation of the street to support local foot traffic and better manage freight traffic. Build Great Streets for vibrant and prosperous neighborhood business districts.

The LADOT Strategic Plan, Great Streets for Los Angeles, can be found at