Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti


Mayor Garcetti and Angelica Maria share COVID-19 health guidelines with the Latino community

The Mayor and actress release a PSA encouraging Latinos to wear masks, get tested, protect themselves and their families.

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Garcetti joined American-Mexican actress and singer Angélica María to record a public service announcement in Spanish reminding the Latino community about how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Latinos are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and that reality demands immediate action,” said Mayor Garcetti. “We need everyone to wear masks, stay home when they can, and avoid gatherings — and I’m grateful to Angélica María for using her voice to share this important message.”  

The PSA details critical steps that will save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19 including wearing a mask, getting tested, staying physically distanced, washing hands, and responding to contact tracing calls from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Similarly, Mayor Garcetti recently joined actor and activist Anthony Anderson at a clinic in South L.A. to urge Angelenos to seek COVID-19 testing, and yesterday announced the launch of the L.A. Mask Print Project, an initiative that uses open-source art to remind Angelenos to wear a mask, with posters offered in Spanish.

“Latinos are on the frontlines of this pandemic — working in essential jobs that put their health and lives on the line — and we need to do everything possible to encourage this community to wear masks, get tested, and ensure their employers provide them personal protective equipment wherever possible,” said Angélica María, known as La Novia de México or Mexico’s Sweetheart. “People are dying — not only in the United States but around the world — and we can’t afford to treat this like a game. We all need to fight together to defeat this virus.” 

The Hispanic/Latino share of COVID-19 deaths in L.A. County has increased by 8.3 percentage points since May 1. 

With a focus on equity and access, the City has stood up free testing sites across Los Angeles including in South L.A., Sylmar, and Boyle Heights. Los Angeles is also deploying mobile testing services to all public housing developments, and neighborhoods that have the greatest needs for testing. The City has hundreds of employees supporting the County’s contact tracing efforts.   

Angelenos with or without symptoms are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19, with tests prioritized for people with symptoms, those who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, or those who work in a high-risk environment. Angelenos are encouraged to visit the City’s testing website, which provides information on the more than 100 local sites where Angelenos can get tested.

Downloadable video can be found here