L.A. will lead with Strength and Open Arms

“We are in a moment that we will look back on and ask ourselves what we did to stand up, speak out, and live up to our values.

That’s why I spent this morning at LAX meeting with Congress members Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, our Airport Police, and immigration lawyers to discuss the impact that the President’s executive orders are having in our city.

I also met with loved ones of some of those who are being affected — to better understand how the City of Los Angeles can help people through a very difficult, confusing, and painful time. I wanted to assure them that L.A. will honor a uniquely American tradition by always standing as a place of refuge for people of every nationality and faith. When we spoke, I gave my word that I would press federal authorities to uphold commitments they had made to me — that detainees in L.A. would be treated in accordance with judicial rulings that have been handed down regarding the executive orders. I received word this afternoon that three detainees whose loved ones I met with today have been released and reunited with their friends and families.

While this situation continues for others, I have directed my team to do everything possible to connect people to the legal and other resources they may need to reach a resolution. We will also keep working with federal authorities to assist concerned families that may be having a difficult time communicating with  — or getting basic information about — loved ones who may still be detained under the President’s order.

We must always protect our country and our people from harm, and should take every necessary measure to secure the homeland. But banning people based on religion or country of origin is not only un-American, it is dangerously counter to our national security. There are effective, rational, humane, and constitutional strategies to keep Americans safe — and that is what we expect the President to offer the American people.

As long as I am Mayor, L.A. will lead with strength, conviction, compassion, and open arms. We are making a difference, and will keep lifting people up — as long as we think less about who’s the most powerful, and devote our time and energy to helping the most vulnerable." — Mayor Eric Garcetti