LA Bureau Of Sanitation Replaces Thomas Guide Maps With A Smartphone App - Earning First Mayors' Civic Innovation Award


Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that members of the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation are the first recipients of the Mayor's Civic Innovation Award for replacing paper maps with a smartphone app so they can complete their routes faster and respond to more real-time requests.

Part of his back to basics agenda, the Mayor's Civic Innovation Award is given to LA City employees who bring creative and common sense solutions to everyday problems to help provide better and more efficient services for residents that save time and taxpayer dollars.

"The winners of the Mayor's Civic Innovation Award-- the Bureau of Sanitation's SAN STAR team-- decided that City Government should operate just like the rest of us do in our daily lives," said Mayor Garcetti. "That's exactly the type of innovation, and common sense, that we need to solve our City's toughest problems."

"Our drivers are on the front line of serving our city every day, and knew better than anyone how to fix a problem-- stemming from our antiquated technology-- to help us do our jobs faster and smarter," said General Manager Enrique Zaldivar. "It's an honor for the Sanitation Department's SAN STAR team to receive the very first Mayor's Civic Innovation Award."

The recipients of the award, the Department of Sanitation's SAN STAR team, implemented a pilot to test a mobile mapping app for drivers in the Special Collections team of the South Division South LA Wasteshed.

Those drivers, who clear alleys and respond to 311 requests for bulky item, e-waste, and "white good" pick up, can now use a free smartphone app to receive their daily routes, make edits and updates to data, and share information instantly with headquarters and other drivers. With electronic mapping, drivers have more efficient routes, lowering fuel costs, and save time and money on things like data entry, travel time, and reporting issues.

The Collector app was developed by the software company Esri, and is available on iTunes and Android app stores. The department plans to roll out this system to the rest of the City's Sanitation yards by Summer 2015.

This is the first in a series of Mayor's Civic Innovation Awards.