L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Pledges to Grow Jobs

Published in the Daily News

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday told San Fernando Valley business leaders that he is committed to increasing the region’s job base and developing a skilled workforce.

Garcetti, a Valley native and on the job for just over 100 days, received a standing ovation from 475 people attending the United Chambers of Commerce ninth annual Mayors Luncheon at the Warner Center Marriott.

“It’s a great honor to come to you as your mayor” said Garcetti, who also attended the event as a city councilman. “I’m a Valley guy, born and bred.”

The mayor focused on his broad vision for making the city better, pledging to continue working to bring down the crime rate, fix busted streets and grow the business base.

City Hall “is open for business,” he said

“We need to put the recession in the review mirror and get this city back to work,” Garcetti said.

He also said he would work with other mayors and agencies to form a united voice to spread the word that L.A. is a fine place to live and work. And there needs to be more emphasis on the vocational skills that lead to good jobs.

“We need to train people so they have the kind of skills that are needed today,” Garcetti said. “We need to address not only the jobs factor but also the skills factor.”

The mayor said elected officials and business leaders need to toot L.A.’s horn, too.

“We need to sell L.A. It’s time for us to go out and hustle,” he said. “It’s time for companies to realize this is a great place to do business again. We need to go from being a good city to being a great city again.”

The mayor’s message resonated with Greg Krikorian, president and CEO of the Valley Economic Alliance.

The mayor’s agenda lines up perfectly with the alliance’s goals.

“It’s encouraging. His resolve reverberated through the audience,” Krikorian said.

The alliance also agrees with Garcetti’s notion that a regional approach will help the city’s economy grow.

“The Valley Economic Alliance is committed to Eric and supports his goals because his goals are our goals,” Krikorian said. “We want to be his vehicle in the San Fernando Valley.”