Mayor's Office Internship Program


The Mayoral Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for experiential learning for some of the country's best and brightest undergraduate and graduate students. Interns will perform a variety of tasks which may include policy research and development, drafting memoranda, community engagement, outreach and education, administrative tasks, and legal research and analysis.

Our internship program runs year-round. Each office recruits interns based on available projects, staff availability to supervise, and available office space.


Prospective interns shall be undergraduate students, graduate students, or recent graduates of a two- or four-year college, university, or vocational school. Ideal candidates must communicate well, display a record of academic achievement, demonstrate a commitment to public service, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Candidates shall also maintain a high standard of ethics and integrity.


Internship opportunities are available in the following departments:


The Mayor's Office of Public Safety (MOPS) implements Mayor Garcetti’s homeland security and public safety policy priorities to ensure that the City of Los Angeles is the safest and most resilient big city in America. MOPS works closely with the City’s public safety departments, including the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), Emergency Management Department (EMD), the Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports, and the Department of Water and Power. In addition, MOPS collaborates with the State of California Office of Emergency Services and Federal law enforcement and emergency management agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Safety Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, on a number of local, national, and international public safety policy areas.

MOPS interns will support the office by conducting research and communications including the development of research briefs, white papers, and critical messaging, as well as attending meetings with key stakeholders. Interns will provide policy and administrative support including representing MOPS at community events and communicating with officials. Interns are assigned to one of the following teams (please indicate desired choice of placement):

The Mayor’s Public Safety Policy Team: The MOPS Policy Team works closely with the the City’s public safety agencies, local and state partners, and the federal government to develop strategy and policy initiatives related to ensuring the safety and security of Los Angeles residents and businesses. Efforts are dedicated to related policy areas including law enforcement and community policing; fire response and emergency medical services; emergency management, preparedness, and response; cybersecurity; preventing domestic violence and human trafficking; and counterterrorism.

The Mayor’s Office of Military and Veteran Affairs (MVA): In 2013, Mayor Garcetti created the Office of Veterans Affairs, the first such office in the City of Los Angeles since World War II, to work collaboratively with government agencies and community based organizations to advocate for and coordinate services for veterans in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is home to the highest concentration of military veterans in the country. It is also home to many veteran service organizations working tirelessly to ensure veterans in Los Angeles can access the services they have earned. Los Angeles is committed to empowering veterans and military families to end veteran homelessness, maximize employment and educational opportunities, and ensure the proper delivery of medical services.

The Mayor’s Public Safety Legal Team: The MOPS Legal Team drafts and negotiates professional services contracts for special projects on behalf of the LAPD, LAFD, and Emergency Management Department to enhance public safety, anti-terrorism, and emergency preparedness. The team works closely with the Policy Team and conducts legal research and communications related to various public safety policy initiatives and strategies addressed by MOPS.

The Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development Team (GRYD): The Mayor’s GRYD team was established in July of 2007 to address gang violence in a comprehensive and coordinated way throughout the City. Community-based service provision began in 2009. Over the years, GRYD developed and implemented a Comprehensive Strategy to drive funding and practice decisions across areas designated as GRYD Zones. GRYD currently provides gang intervention and prevention services in 23 GRYD Zones throughout the City of Los Angeles, along with regional juvenile reentry services, community engagement programming, and various other initiatives.

The Mayor’s Office of Resilience: In 2013, Los Angeles was selected as an inaugural member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network. This global network, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, helps cities become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century. Since then, Angelenos have come together to develop Resilient Los Angeles, a strategy aimed at preparing Los Angeles to address a variety of challenges, including natural and manmade disasters, climate change, aging infrastructure, health and economic disparities, etc. The Office of Resilience is dedicated to the implementation of Resilient Los Angeles and related efforts.

The Mayor’s Strategies Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) Team: The SAVE Team is focused on promoting healthy communities via partnerships with community based organizations that offer preventative services that enhance community resilience to hate, bias, and extremism. The program provides social alternatives to the traditional law-enforcement approach to preventing violence by facilitating an inclusive network of community-led and culturally appropriate services that strengthen individuals, families, and communities; increasing individual and community resilience to hate and bias; increasing social protective factors by implementing public health approaches; and improving the capacity and regional coordination of public, private and civil society groups in this area.

The Mayor’s Crisis Response Team (CRT): CRT members are comprised of community volunteers who respond to crisis or emergency incidents in support of victims, witnesses, and family members of victims, at the request of the LAPD and LAFD. Volunteers provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention, act as a liaison between victims, family members, and emergency personnel, and give referrals to victims and their families affected by a death, a serious injury, a violent crime or other traumatic incident. Incidents the CRT responds to include homicides, suicides, serious traffic accidents, officer involved shootings, domestic violence, natural deaths, etc.

All MOPS interns should have:

  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills (writing sample required).
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills.
  • Demonstrated maturity to work successfully in professional and high-pressure situations.
  • A self-starter attitude with strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and administrative capabilities.
  • Strong computer literacy.
  • And an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.

Candidates should be professional, organized, and efficient; be able to multitask well in a  fast-paced environment; be eager to learn, listen, and grow throughout the internship; and be committed to public service to the City of Los Angeles. Interns should be able to commit to 16-40 hours per week.

To apply, please send a résumé, cover letter, writing sample, and MOPS team preference to Hanan Mohamed at


The Office of Economic Development develops policy, programs, projects, and initiatives pertaining to economic development. Interns will support the office by conducting critical research and communications including the development of key messages, research briefs, and updates to web-based content. Interns will provide logistical, administrative, program development, and team management support including representing MOED at community events as needed, and communicating with business constituents as needed.

MOED interns are each assigned to one of the following teams:

The Mayor’s Economic Policy Team develops strategy, planning, and policy related to job creation, economic development, new business recruitment, and business retention. The team interacts with a wide swath of business sectors.

Prospective interns will acquire valuable insight into developing business strategy, planning and policy through a hands-on experience in the public sector. Interns will assist each team member with projects and tasks relating to job creation, program marketing, economic development, new business recruitment and business retention. Interaction with and understanding of a wide variety of businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to smaller manufacturing companies, will be required.

Interns will prepare written briefs, perform industry and policy research, develop key reports and represent the OED team at community events and meetings as needed.  Interns will need to possess strong communication, writing, critical thinking, and organizational, professional and quantitative skills. Key sectors include: manufacturing & aerospace, technology & clean tech, life sciences & healthcare, real estate, tourism & entertainment.

The Mayor’s Economic Infrastructure Team oversees the largest container port in North America, the Port of Los Angeles, and the fifth busiest airport in the nation, Los Angeles World Airports.

The Mayor’s Planning Policy and Development Team is responsible for creating planning strategies to develop livable communities. Members of the team perform planning and land use analysis, zoning research, review general plan elements, and develop policies.

Prospective interns will assist in creating a citywide planning strategy to develop a world class city, raise development expectations, and improve communities. Interns will perform planning and land use analysis, zoning research, general plan element review, and develop briefings and reports on major policy initiatives to support the Planning Policy and Development team.

The Mayor’s Community Business Team helps entrepreneurs and small business owners by facilitating maximum access to education, training, capital, and contracting opportunities throughout the City.

Prospective interns will research best practices in economic development; create resource directories; draft outreach materials; maintain reports; support staff events and small business organizations; and conduct administrative tasks and assist staff as needed.

Prospective interns must have exceptional written and oral communication skills and proficiency with Google applications. Previous business or government experience a plus.

All MOED interns should have:

  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and administrative capabilities
  • Demonstrated maturity to work successfully in professional and high-pressure situations
  • Strong computer literacy. Strong Excel skills are a plus
  • Basic program and financial management skills are a plus

Candidates with an economics, business, public policy, urban planning, real estate, and sales/marketing background are encouraged to apply. Graduate students are preferred, but applications from junior and senior-level undergraduates will also be reviewed.

To apply, please send a résumé, cover letter, and one-page writing sample to with the respective team name in the subject.


The Office of Economic Opportunity develops policy, programs, projects, and initiatives that are focused on fighting poverty, housing the homeless, expanding affordable housing, and improving access to workforce development and educational resources.  

There are no internships available for this office at this time. 


The Mayor’s Office of City Services (MOCS) implements Mayor Garcetti’s policy priorities related to the provision of public services to Angelenos and visitors. Fundamentally, MOCS ensures that the City acts in service to provide a more livable and sustainable city that improves the quality of life for all. MOCS works closely with the leadership of fifteen City departments, their oversight boards and commissions, and other public agencies and stakeholders.

Exact duties and responsibilities will vary according to MOCS team placement, but all interns will be responsible for writing and editing documents, such as letters, memoranda, and briefing papers; conducting research and summarizing findings; performing administrative tasks; preparing meeting materials and providing meeting support, such as agenda development, scheduling, and note-taking; providing essential constituent service support, such as responding swiftly and respectfully to inquiries from the public; planning and supporting events; problem-solving on a daily basis; and collaborating with others to accomplish MOCS goals.

MOCS interns are each assigned to one of the following teams:

The Infrastructure Services Team works with the City agencies that design and build bridges, buildings, sewers and other public works, ensure streets are safe and navigable for all, that the lights stay on and the water keeps flowing, trash is picked up on time, and our resource use is sustainable.

Departments: Public Works (Bureaus of Contract Administration, Engineering, Sanitation, Street Services, and Street Lighting), Water and Power

The Neighborhood Services Team supports City agencies that deliver neighborhood-level services, programs, and resources to Angelenos. Neighborhood Services departments celebrate our city’s history, arts, and culture, provide places to gather and play, take care of our domestic animal friends, protect and conserve wildlife, help us age with purpose, overcome disability, and access new worlds through reading. The Neighborhood Services Great Streets Team coordinates City work to reimagine streets as vital neighborhood centers, ensuring our streets and neighborhoods are livable, accessible, and engaging public spaces for the people of Los Angeles.

Departments: Aging, Animal Services, Cultural Affairs, Disability, El Pueblo, Library, Recreation and Parks, Zoo

The Transportation Services Team works with the City’s Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Countywide Metropolitan Transportation Authority to develop and implement the Mayor’s transportation agenda – ensuring that commutes are shorter, buses and trains run on time, and that innovation drives more accessible and affordable mobility choices. The team also coordinates City street-related work and projects with other agencies, such as the Bureaus of Engineering and Street Services.

Departments: Transportation, Metro (MTA)

The LARiverWorks Team coordinates the City’s implementation of its long-range Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, including completion of the L.A. River Bikeway and Greenway and restoration of native habitat.

Departments: Bureau of Engineering, Planning, Recreation and Parks, Water and Power, and partners, including L.A. County, Metro (MTA), US Army Corps of Engineers, Friends of the L.A. River, River L.A., SMMC/MRCA, State Parks, the Trust for Public Land, and The Nature Conservancy

All MOCS interns should have:

  • Exceptional writing, reading, research, and analytical capabilities;
  • Experience that is relevant to the subject matter addressed by MOCS;
  • Strong computer literacy with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe;
  • Great interpersonal skills, strong verbal communication, and a positive attitude;
  • And an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.

Candidates should be professional, organized, and efficient; be able to multitask well in an unpredictable and fast-paced environment; be eager to learn and grow throughout the internship; and be committed to public service in our city. Interns should be able to commit to at least 10-20 hours per week.

To apply, please send a résumé, cover letter, writing sample, and MOCS team preference to Riki Esquer at


In 2013, Mayor Garcetti re-established the Office of Immigrant Affairs in order to promote and advance the economic, cultural, social, and political well-being of immigrant communities in the City of Los Angeles. Its mission is to develop programs and initiatives to support immigrant integration through the coordination of city services, outreach, and legislative advocacy.

Interns will assist staff by conducting background research on special projects, writing reports, drafting memoranda, as well as assisting with events. Interns will gain first-hand experience in community engagement, outreach, and policy related to immigrant communities, and will interact with all levels of city, state, and federal government.

To apply, interested applicants should send their one-page résumé, cover letter, and a writing sample to Crista Hernandez at Cover letters may be addressed to Dr. Linda Lopez, Chief, Office of Immigrant Affairs.


The Mayor’s Office of Legislative and External Affairs (LEA) is the result of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s vision for an inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible city government. LEA acts as a point of coordination for dialogue between the Mayor’s Office and the diverse constituents and communities of Los Angeles. To this end, LEA organizes, produces and staffs various events throughout the year to create opportunities for the Mayor to engage with residents and them with him.

An internship in LEA allows interns to experience the exciting day-to-day operations and mechanisms of working in a unique, fast-paced department within the Mayor’s Office where carefully vetted candidates will have the opportunity to learn how policy actually affects a community and its residents. Interns are encouraged to take on leadership roles and special projects as skills progress.

LEA interns assist staff in coordinating the following events and services:

  • Official appearances – events where the Mayor may speak, attend, present, or receive an award
  • Neighborhood Walks – events where the Mayor visits a community and connects with constituents
  • Office Hours – where the Mayor and senior officials hear constituent concerns and discuss resolutions
  • Constituent Services & Mayor’s Help Desk – handles one-on-one constituent interactions, essentially serving as the customer service arm of the Mayor’s Office
  • Mayor’s Youth Council, Government 101, and Civic University – programs designed to educate the public on the inner workings of City Hall, and empower constituents to influence their government

These responsibilities are covered by two departments within LEA: Constituent Services and Area Representatives.

The Constituent Service Representatives assist the Mayor in aiding the public through problem solving by fielding grievances or suggestions and then communicating with, mediating between and/or referring constituents to the appropriate person or city department to bring about “a resolution or a good reason why not”. CSR’s also provide information about the Mayor’s office, programs and initiatives and work closely with AR’s.

The Area Representatives are tasked with issue-based problems and concerns which affect communities-at-large. AR’s are assigned to six main planning areas: Central, West L.A., Eastside, South Los Angeles, Valley and Harbor. Dubbed “the face of the Mayor in the community”, AR’s organize, represent or staff the Mayor at a variety of events, as well as meet regularly with stakeholders, community leaders and businesses.

For Sessions A & C, we require a commitment of 8-10 hours per week, and for Session B, we require at least 15 hours per week. Please see the following sessions and deadlines:



Deadline to Apply

When Candidate Will Be Notified for Interview


January - May

November 10

December 15



March 10

April 15



June 10

July 15

All LEA interns must have:

  • Exceptional oral and written communications
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills
  • Organizational and administrative abilities
  • Demonstrated maturity to work successfully in a professional and fast-paced setting
  • Strong computer literacy -- knowledge of Excel is a plus
  • A commitment to public service and local government

To apply, please send a résumé and cover letter to Edith Vega at or Nidia Lozano at The subject title should say, “Mayor’s Office of Legislative & External Affairs: Internship Opportunity.” In the body of the email, please indicate which session you are applying for and your ideal schedule. For additional questions, please use the above email.


The Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation (MOBI) helps transform City of Los Angeles operations by bridging core government functions with new technology and innovative practices. MOBI manages the Mayor’s budgeting and performance management processes (more than $10B in annual spending), along with overseeing personnel, sustainability, data management and analysis, and gender equity functions for the city. MOBI serves as the Mayor’s liaison to six departments with over 3,000 personnel. In partnership with the other Offices of the Mayor, MOBI has helped build a data-driven culture of management around such key-priorities as homelessness response, pavement preservation, and trash and illegal dumping cleanup.

MOBI interns conduct policy research, analyze data, research and develop metrics, explore new mapping tools, develop and write white papers and reports, create presentations, carry out administrative duties, and volunteer at events.

  • Budget and Management is the center of the Mayor’s responsibilities as the Chief Executive for the city. The team oversees core annual functions of  the government such as performance management and fiscal oversight. The team proposes the annual budget (last year $10Bn), one of the most important policy documents in the city.
  • Innovation and Transformation Team serves as an in-house consulting team focused on helping the City address complicated problems.  Working side by side with senior staff across the City, including Departments, residents and local organizations, the team develops products and solutions that help to alleviate our city’s biggest challenges. For more information on specific projects and the team, check out
  • Data Team seeks to unlock insights using the power of open data and collaborative visualization tools. They work with city departments, the civic tech community, sister cities, private partners, and academics to develop insights and digital tools that make the City more livable and equitable for all Angelenos.

  • Operations Innovation Team (O-Team) is tasked with leveraging innovation and partnerships to spark positive change through three core initiatives: efficient management of City-owned real estate, improvement of employee wellness and safety that reduces workers compensation and civil liability costs, and modernization of the procurement process.

  • Sustainability Team is charged with the implementation of the Mayor’s Sustainable City pLAn, which is a roadmap for a Los Angeles that is environmentally healthy, economically prosperous, and equitable in opportunity for all. The office is currently undertaking a 4-year refresh to the pLAn, which is set to be released the first quarter of 2019.

  • Census 2020 Team seeks to facilitate an accurate count in Los Angeles by engaging hard-to-count populations in the Los Angeles.

All MOBI interns must have:

  • Exceptional oral and written communications (writing sample required)
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills
  • Strong computer literacy -- knowledge of MS Word and Google Docs is a plus
  • A self-starter attitude and be detailed oriented
  • A minimum 6-month commitment
  • Experience with ArcGIS software, Microsoft Excel, InDesign, and Photoshop is a plus

To apply, please send a résumé, cover letter, and writing sample to In your cover letter, please include: the name team that most interests you and your availability (i.e how many hours a week you are available, what days, and how soon you can start, etc).


The Sustainability Team is charged with the implementation of the Mayor’s Sustainable City pLAn, which is a roadmap for a Los Angeles that is environmentally healthy, economically prosperous, and equitable in opportunity for all. The office is currently undertaking a 4-year refresh to the pLAn, which is set to be released the first quarter of 2019. We are looking for detail-oriented self-starters to assist with this endeavor throughout the next few months. Duties may include conducting research to inform policy, conducting administrative tasks, and volunteering at mayoral events.

Intern qualifications include:

  • Able to commit 12-15 hours a week
  • Strong writing skills and detail-oriented
  • Must be a self-starter

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with ArcGIS software, Microsoft Excel, InDesign, and Photoshop

To apply, please send your résumé and a cover letter to Elena Guevara at


The Mayor’s Communications Office develops strategies for communicating with the public through traditional press and earned and social media. Prospective interns should be undergraduate or graduate students who thrive in a professional and fast-paced setting, and have a strong interest in political communication.

The Communications Office has four distinct types of internships available year-round, including three internships based with our digital team. The office recruits interns based on available space and the staff’s current needs.

  • Press Interns: Assist in drafting press materials, talking points, and official correspondence; compile media clips, media lists, and administrative reports; support staff at the Mayor’s public events; conduct administrative tasks and assist Communications Office as needed. Prospective press interns must have exceptional written and oral communication skills, previous political, journalism, or communications-related experience, and a self-starter attitude. Spanish proficiency is a plus.
  • Design Interns: Design social media graphics, flyers, websites, animated graphics, presentations, and other materials for use by the Mayor’s Office and City of Los Angeles. Prospective design interns must be proficient in the Adobe Creative suite and presentation design; have a self-starter attitude and the ability to work quickly on projects, incorporate feedback, and operate in a rapidly-changing environment.

To apply for a Communications internship, please send a résumé, cover letter, and one-page writing sample to with “Communications Internship” as the subject.


The Mayor's Office of International Affairs (MOIA) is expanding L.A.'s global ties and influence to bring more jobs, economic opportunity, culture, education, and visitors to Los Angeles. MOIA is working with partners to ensure Los Angeles is the best city it can be for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2028 and beyond, as well as advancing L.A.'s international leadership, including on sustainability, inclusiveness, resiliency, and innovation.

MOIA interns conduct research; assist with arranging and hosting international delegations at City Hall; draft briefing papers, memos, presentations, and talking points; assist the Directors in executing projects and large-scale events; engage with other Mayor’s office or City staff on areas of collaboration; and provide clerical and other administrative support as needed.

MOIA interns will assist the following teams within the departments:

  • International Relations, Policy, and Protocol
  • International Trade and Investment
  • Olympic and Paralympic Development

All MOIA interns must have:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong research skills
  • A high attention to detail
  • The ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment with minimal guidance
  • A commitment to public service

To apply, please send a résumé, cover letter, and short writing sample (2-4 pages) to In the cover letter, please identify the area of work that interests you most: 1) international relations, policy, and protocol, 2) international trade and investment, 3) Olympic and Paralympic development, and/or 4) UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.



Deadline to Apply




November 1




March 1




June 1




The Mayor’s Office of State and Federal Affairs (SFA) is responsible for advancing the Mayor’s state and federal legislative priorities. SFA works closely with members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and state legislators to shape policies to benefit the City of Los Angeles. SFA works in close coordination with all city departments, council offices, and proprietary agencies within the City and County of Los Angeles.

Interns will be responsible for conducting research, drafting briefing papers, call-sheets and scheduling requests on behalf of SFA; assisting with crafting legislative strategies; monitoring legislative and agency activities that impact City programs and policies; and assisting with events, as needed. Interns will also have an opportunity to participate in SFA weekly meetings and legislative initiatives.

All SFA interns must have:

  • A self-starter attitude
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrates a commitment to public service
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment
  • Strong computer literacy
  • Graphic design skills and working knowledge of Excel are a plus
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and a high standard of ethics and integrity

To apply, please send a cover letter, résumé, and writing sample (no longer than 2 pages) to Corinne Cathcart at

SFA also has internship opportunities in our Federal Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. Interns work on legislative and agency activities that impact City programs and policies. To apply, please send a cover letter, résumé, and writing sample (no longer than 2 pages) to


VolunteerLA is a program of the Mayor’s Office aimed at promoting and facilitating volunteerism throughout Los Angeles. The role of a Volunteer Engagement intern is to provide support with day-to-day functions, monitor/post on social media, conduct research/analysis, participate in outreach, assist at events, communicate with the public, and other tasks as assigned. 


Skills & Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

  • Adept at social media (and related technologies)

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

  • Interpersonal skills and outgoing personality

  • Comfort with public speaking

  • Takes initiative and is willing to assist in any area needed with a positive attitude

  • Creative thinker and fast mover

  • Organized (with physical space as well as electronic filing)

  • Experience with research and analysis



  • 18 yrs+

  • Available for 6-12 hours/wk, during regular business hours

  • Complete the application