Posted on 06/16/2016

Mayor Garcetti and Board of Public Works roll out Clean Streets L.A. Challenge to reward innovation by everyday Angelenos, neighborhood councils, and local organizations.

LOS ANGELES—Great ideas for taking care of L.A.’s streets can be born in conversations between neighbors, and City Hall wants in on the discussion.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Board of Public Works today announced the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge, which will reward neighborhood councils and other community groups for innovative strategies for keeping our streets clean and clear.

The competition is an extension of Mayor Garcetti's Clean Streets Initiative. It will award a total of $25,000 in grants for proposals that show creativity and efficiency in their plans to prevent illegal dumping and keep neighborhoods clean.

“Angelenos know their neighborhoods best, and they take pride in where they live,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The Challenge will tap into their knowledge and that passion, and bring new energy to the work of keeping L.A.’s streets clean for our families and neighbors.”

The grant challenge is open to Neighborhood Councils, community based organizations and nonprofit groups. Applicants will be required to form a partnership across three organizations, at least one of which must be a neighborhood council. The Bureau of Sanitation will hold workshops this summer on how to form partnerships and conduct safe cleanups, with applications due in late August.

Successful applicants will then start a pilot program, with results due in November and winners announced at the end of the year. Groups will be evaluated on their strategies for recruiting volunteers, hosting clean-ups, reporting dumped items, and raising awareness on social media.

“We are so inspired by all the supporters of the Clean Streets L.A. Initiative who have rallied to initiate, create, and commit to local neighborhood and business corridor improvement efforts,” said Enrique Zaldivar, General Manager of L.A. Sanitation. “This contest aligns with our collective pursuit for a better quality of life, economic prosperity, and public health for all Angelenos.”

“Neighborhood Councils are doing amazing projects citywide to keep their communities clean,” said Grayce Liu, General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. “We’re happy that the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge builds upon their great work and provides opportunities for exciting collaborations.”

The Clean Streets Initiative is a coordinated effort to eliminate trash and illegal dumping from L.A. streets. A key element of the initiative is CleanStat, which regularly surveys and grades all city streets for cleanliness. The results of the CleanStat assessment can be viewed at  

For more information on the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge, visit