Honoring Service

P1020637.JPGToday, we honor the men and women who have served this country.

Every day as Mayor, I never forget that I am the grandson of an immigrant who was brought here as a child and, even though he wasn’t yet a citizen, wore this country’s uniform. His military service inspired my own decision to join the Navy and continues to shape my commitment to our veterans.

Today, I wish not only to honor our veterans, but pledge my support in helping them find the peace they fought so hard to achieve. Too many of our men and women who serve return from their military service to find themselves homeless – or struggling with PTSD, health problems, or finding it difficult to transition into the civilian workforce. In many cases, help is out there. But navigating between the V.A., the military, and federal, state, and local systems can be daunting. And for someone who is struggling, it can be impossible.

That is why I created the Mayor’s Office of Veteran’s Affairs for the City of Los Angeles, to help L.A.’s veterans get the help they need and access the services they’ve earned.

As we honor and help our veterans today, we must also remember our troops still fighting and giving their lives overseas. Let us today pray for their safety and for a future in which peace breaks out between every nation of the world.

Happy Veterans Day.