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Help End the Cycle of Family Homelessness with Imagine LA

Families are the new face of homelessness. With unique challenges, too often overlooked in discussions of chronic poverty, many families are trapped in the cycle of poverty and find themselves falling in and out of homelessness.

What can you do to help?

Become a mentor.

Imagine LA is a non-profit that ends the cycle of family homelessness by mobilizing trained mentors, collaborative public and private resources, and community leaders who understand that a roof over one’s head is merely the starting point to a better life.

Imagine LA matches every family member with a one-to-one mentor; plus every family gets a Budget Mentor; and other volunteers help with tutoring, career development, childcare, healthcare, meal-planning and more. Week-by-week family members build relationships, skills and habits. Month-by-month we see confidence build, income, grades, and wellness rise. Ultimately, the family’s journey goes from barely surviving to thriving. 

There are several ways to be involved with a family:

  • Team Liaison (1-2 year commitment, minimum 1 hour weekly), coordinates and oversees the Team, using community resources and services available to them

  • Budget Mentor (1-2 year commitment, 2-3 hours biweekly at first, then once a month), meets with the head of household every 2 weeks - monthly to help work on budgeting, credit repair, savings, and opening bank accounts

  • One-to-one Mentor (1-2 year commitment, 1-2 hours weekly, meet with mentee consistently biweekly in person), meets with their mentee to provide nurturing and coaching. Helps each family member build a sense of community and support and also helps head of household with career development, job coaching, and education support

  • Tutor (Minimum 3 months or up to program duration, once a week), provides skills training in areas needing improvement and assist mentee in improving study skills/habits and building confidence

  • Health/Nutrition Mentor (Minimum 3 months or up to program duration, as needed), assists Family in accessing medical and dental care,  and with grocery shopping, meal planning and meal preparation 

  • Additional mentors and advocates as needed. These may include support for child care, support for moving, wellness, legal support, etc.

YOU can be a vital part of a family's journey out of the cycle of homelessness, poverty and neglect.

Apply to be a MENTOR today.

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