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Health Access

Nothing is more essential than one’s own physical, mental, and emotional health. Realizing this, MOIA works to ensure that Los Angeles’ immigrant communities are given the resources and information they need to gain access to affordable health care.


Health for All (SB 4)

Health 4 All Kids LogoOver 75,000 undocumented children and youth in Los Angeles became eligible for California’s full-scope Medi-Cal under new provisions provided by Health4All Kids (SB 4), which came into effect in May 2016. The new state bill aims to provide healthcare for youth and children under the age of 19.

National research suggests undocumented immigrants are less likely to enroll in public programs than the native-born due to fear of negative immigration enforcement, and a general fear and mistrust of public programs. Reaching and informing eligible children and families on SB4 is therefore critical to the successful implementation of SB4.

Culturally competent SB4 outreach is in line with the Mayor’s immigrant integration agenda and is a priority of MOIA moving forward. MOIA will utilize the City’s infrastructure by engaging the City’s library system, family, and work source centers as points of entry to reach potential SB4 beneficiaries. MOIA will leverage its network by collaborating with The California Endowment and the Mexican Consulate to bring critical information to the Latino community through the Ventanilla de Salud, health guides, and health fairs. MOIA will also partner with Clínica Romero to incorporate their innovative “Promotora” outreach model which provides targeted in-person education in hard-to-reach communities. Our coordinated efforts will help L.A. become a leader in Health4All Kids enrollment.

Specifically, MOIA’s Health4All Kids education campaign aims to reach over 90,000 Angelenos, including children and youth who might be eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal under new provisions provided by Health4All. This outreach will enhance the effectiveness of current efforts by trusted community partners to inform hard-to-reach populations about their eligibility by collaborating on a unified message and making use of each partner’s assets in the community (e.g., networks, established community trust, existing work, expertise, etc.). This collaborative effort will broaden the reach and impact of our individual strategies through targeted and culturally competent signage about enrollment services at the Los Angeles Public Libraries, grassroots outreach through Clínica Romero’s Promotoras program, SB4-themed health fairs with the Mexican consulate, SB4 trainings for partners, and through an array of different media outreach strategies.

To enroll your child in Health4All Kids: find your local health center or call 855-899-7587.

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