Happy Labor Day

My hope for this Labor Day is for Angelenos to be safe and have fun with their families, but also take a moment to remember that it is hard work that makes our city and nation great. Los Angeles’ working men and women are our city’s greatest asset and are a driving force of the regional, national, and indeed the global economy.

As mayor, my top priority has to be serving those Angelenos by getting our economy back on track. We're headed in the right direction, but there are still too many Angelenos who are out of work or without the security that comes with a job that pays the bills.

When people are employed, mortgages get paid, groceries are bought and more savings are put away for college. What's more, successful businesses and good jobs are what generate the resources we need to provide essential city services.

Whether it is sidewalk repairs, cops on the street, firefighters in our stations, books in our libraries, or facilities and our parks, a healthy and growing economy is first step to making those things possible.

I am proud to be spend time with working Angelenos of Los Angeles this weekend and I wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day.