Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Civic Engagement

Our democracy works best when all voices are heard. From voter registration to education, MOIA works to expand opportunities for civic engagement by ensuring that immigrant Angelenos have the resources and support needed to amplify their voice and feel empowered in our democratic processes. 


Voter Registration & Education

Voting is perhaps the most important and influential civic activity that citizens can practice to make their voices heard in our democracy. Recent voter registration statistics show that in Los Angeles County, about 78% of the over 6 million eligible voters are registered to vote. However, in 2013, only 23.34% of the nearly 1.8 million eligible voters in the City of Los Angeles casted their vote in the general municipal election. MOIA works to bridge the gaps that exist between registration and voting behavior, and ensure that immigrant Angelenos are making their voices heard on the issues that matter to them – education, health care, jobs, and many others.

A study by the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration revealed that once naturalized citizens are registered to vote, their voting rates are nearly identical to native-born citizens. With this in mind, MOIA strives to increase the voter registration rates of immigrant Angelenos, and provide them with the resources and information needed to become educated voters on Election Day.

In August 2016, Mayor Eric Garcetti launched a local activation of a Spanish-language voter engagement campaign along with AIGA, Edward James Olmos, NALEO Educational Fund, and Mi Familia. Titled “Este Año, Tu Voto Es Cosa Seria (This Year, Your Vote is a Serious Matter),” posters featuring acclaimed Latino actor and activist, Edward James Olmos, were placed on bus benches and shelters across the city, and PSAs featuring Olmos were featured on the local affiliate channels of major Spanish-media networks. To learn more about this campaign, read the press release, here

The following is a list of resources to assist immigrant Angelenos with voting:



Regardless of your eligibility to vote, one of the best ways to get involved in the democratic process is by engaging your community and spreading the importance of civic engagement and voting. Through the Mayor’s Volunteer Corps, MOIA recruits volunteers to assist at events including citizenship workshops, educational forums, community fairs, voter registration drives, and much more. Get involved in your community by signing up for the Volunteer Corps!

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