Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

The Welcome Home Project - Tips For Hosts

Create a Facebook event to invite your guests.

Follow these steps to get you started:

First: Upload the Welcome Home Project banner.

Next: Choose the place, date, and time of your Welcome Home Gathering.

Here’s a description you can copy and paste (or feel free to edit it and make it your own):

Have you ever wondered how you can help end the homelessness crisis? Please join me/us as I/we host a gathering for Mayor Garcetti's Welcome Home Project.

This project reminds us that homeless residents are not statistics. They are people with stories, families, and dreams for their futures. The Welcome Home Project will provide basic necessities for our formerly unsheltered neighbors, encourage dialogue, and contribute to a cultural shift in the way we treat those experiencing homelessness.

Join me/us to discuss the issue, share information and resources, and learn what actions the City of LA is taking, while also creating a Welcome Home Basket full of essential items that will transform a new house into a home.

Then: You can upload and post the Welcome Home Basket Checklist and people can comment what they are bringing.

Or: You might want to create a “poll” and list out the items you’re collecting. This is a great way for guests to see what others are bringing and to easily see what is still needed.

Another option is creating a “gift registry” (see below) using your favorite online shopping site or a free online resource such as SignUpGenius. Simply list out the items from the checklist and rest assured that your guests won’t be bringing duplicate products. Share the link on your Facebook event for easy access.

Now you just need to invite your guests, share photos and updates, and keep people excited about coming! Remember, each post you share will notify your guests and remind them about your event. You can send direct messages, start group chats, and let your guests post to your wall. It’s a great way to spread the word.

Create a Wishlist / Gift Registry

There are 18 different items on the Welcome Home Basket Checklist and each of these essentials will help our newly housed neighbors turn their houses into homes. That’s why it’s helpful to coordinate with your guests about what they can bring to your gathering. When each basket is complete, its recipient will receive items that will provide a safe place to sleep, a place to prepare and cook their meals, and a place to wash up.

Creating a Wishlist or Gift Registry will allow you, the host, to indicate what items you’re collecting and to see what items you still need.

Many of your favorite on-line retailers make it simple to create lists and registries right from your computer. Register for all of the items on the checklist and share your registry with friends, family, and co-workers.

There are also free online tools, such as SignUpGenius, that allow you to create a list, invite your guests, have your guests sign up to purchase specific items, and avoid purchasing duplicate products.